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    Drinking beer, driving fast and lifting weights. You are born, you live, you die and then you rot in the ground. The only meaning in life is just to live it.

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  1. MoonPie

    Thor vs Superman: who would win?

    Thor has complete power over lighting which is, uhhhhh, energy. So, he could use that power as a disruption of the body reconstruction. Didn't know fights were things you could actual obtain as in an object. Can you get me that information, NAT? Superman is powerless without yellow sunlight, remove that and anyone can take him. Hulk went toe to toe with Superman. Stan Lee himself decided that if he wanted to create a character stronger than the Hulk, he'd have to be a god. So, he went with Thor.
  2. MoonPie

    Thor vs Superman: who would win?

    I'd like to see that deck. It's Mjolnir, by the way.
  3. MoonPie

    Thor vs Superman: who would win?

    Thor's link to Mjolnir is psychic. Hence it's return to him without a single word. Thor can teleport anywhere, faster than the speed of light. Teleport directly into Dr. Manhatten's constructed body, diffuse with ease. Can cause any and all electrical strikes at will.
  4. MoonPie

    Thor vs Superman: who would win?

    So do you have a Pontiac now or just that gangst choppercycle?
  5. MoonPie

    Thor vs Superman: who would win?

    He could be permanently displaced by electrical strikes and manipulations from Mjolnir. What about He-Man -> "The most powerful Man in the Universe, or Voltron, The Defender of the Universe?
  6. MoonPie

    Thor vs Superman: who would win?

    Another reason why your handle is completely justified.
  7. MoonPie

    Thor vs Superman: who would win?

    Wasn't even a choice. If we want to play randoms how about the superhero God? The one who actually made the Universe. All powerful, all seeing eternal hero of all that is good. Just saying, wanted to put that out there on the table.
  8. MoonPie

    Thor vs Superman: who would win?

    Thor possesses physical powers superior to those of normal Asgardian gods. He has an extended lifespan, immunity to conventional diseases, enhanced endurance (Thor's Asgardian metabolism is far greater than a human), superhuman strength ([lifting 100 tons]), which increases further when he succumbs to “warrior’s madness,” a berserker rage, the mindless battle passion that increases a warriors strength tenfold. By chanting and performing an ancient ritual, Thor can also invoke the berserker rage to increase his strength. His skin and bones are several times denser than those of mortals, granting him extreme resistance to injury. Empowered by the Thorforce since the Asgardian lifeforce resides within Thor, Thor is able to tap into a near-infinite resource of cosmic and mystical power, enhancing all of his powers. Wielding Mjolnir, Thor can summon and control the powers of the storm, causing rain, wind, thunder and lightning. Thor can channel the storm’s fury into devastating energy blasts. Regardless, I could beat Superman in any area where direct yellow sunlight is blocked out. So Superman is technically one of the weakest superheros.
  9. MoonPie

    Thor vs Superman: who would win?

    Thor, faster (transcends time and space), stronger (especially in God Mode) and maintains his powers everywhere. Superman derives his power from yellow sunlight, which isn't yellow until it passes through Earth's atmosphere. Coming from our star, the light is white. So, to even have a chance Superman would need to stay (ON EARTH OR ANY PLANET WHOSE ATMOSPHERE ALLOWS YELLOW LIGHT THROUGH FROM IT'S STAR OR NEAR A STAR THAT EMITS YELLOW LIGHT DIRECTLY) in direct sunlight and be faster than light, not a speeding bullet. You want to say Superman is stronger or faster? Bam, let's just transport (courtesy of Thor) into outer space and Superman freezes solid.
  10. MoonPie

    The Official Movie Thread

    Here is the young lady whom breaks Batman's back...maybe she had a big a$$ strap on
  11. MoonPie

    The Official Movie Thread

    I'm not worried about the reboots as long as they make them as portrayed in the actual comic book and not sh!t it down their fvcking leg.
  12. MoonPie

    The Official Movie Thread

    Well I'm pissed off, have a six month old son and I'm trying to get him to watch manly movies. He sat and intently watched Iron Man 2, Transformers 3, Gadiator, The Dules of Hazzard TV series marathon on DVD and Thor. Didn't even complain. I can't, however, allow him to watch the Avengers or DK Rises for the lack of antihero fvcking up some evil crackers. He loved Blade, not two or three, but the good one. I won't even let him watch any X-Men movies or Wolverine because they're nothing but something Hollywood squated down with one foot on the eastern border of CA and the other on the western border right at the pacific ocean and blasted a giant doogie.
  13. MoonPie

    The Official Movie Thread

    I don't know how many of you are ready for the Dark Knight Rises, but the little, puny man playing Bane is rather worthless. How does someone who doesn't even have any muscle or athelticism brake Batman's back? Why does hollywood continue to ruin superhero movies by casting actors who aren't in shape for roles that portray a fictional character who is in shape, or they pvssifiy a character that is able to take care of every enemy in the movie. Perfect example is The Avengers. Thor would have single handidly destroyed every Chitauri/Skrull while eating a sandwhich. Thor is faster than the speed of light and goes into God Mode, which makes him completely indestructible. Superman and Thanos have no chance, even the Hulk would crumble within seconds. As for Bane, they should have cast an athletic American, not a puny englishman. I've been larger and more athetic since my sophmore year of fvcking high school, not saying I should have been cast because I have no interest in portraying anything other than my immature self. Dammit I'm pissed off!
  14. I can't speak e-fag. What does "bottom bunk" mean?
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