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  1. i have an orange sct spoiler on its way so ill sell the black one once it gets here and ill keep my spoiler on i dont like the look on my car...i kept it off for a day and just didnt look good imo yes lol i have an sct kit to install i have touch screen HU to install along with two visor tvs then the PS hook up lol i have boots being made for shifter and ebrake then custom seat covers but thats all i can think of now lol oh and more led lights to add inside my car too
  2. yes i know the hood needs painted lol just havent had time to stay home long enough to get my car to the shop and get painted along with other parts for my car...yes theres more to come lol
  3. some more updated pictures getting rid of the stock grey interior
  4. shes going into paint shop next time im sent outta town for work and it is scotts old hood and i got the tails off a guy in cali on GAOC
  5. had some time to add a few things to my car today but more to come
  6. my thought too when i saw it and guy told me its on a jeep frame and i didnt ask anything else
  7. if i could afford one id buy one lol
  8. i have bout 300 pix from the show last year and bout 200 from year before so i just grabbed a cpl pix to post on here since i have em all on my facebook but alot of nice cars there overall
  9. well when im drivin theyd be closed up..i dont use my sun visors anyways i got a drop to block the sun. and i wanna try it out and see what it looks like and if it doesnt work out right ill sell them no biggie to me
  10. yeah just for shows lol sumthing different and couldnt pass up on the deal
  11. anyone going to OCMD this June? ive gone down last 2-3 yrs and great time at the show and in the area only GA at the show last year (i didnt get down in time to register my car) and pictures at the show pictures of other pontiacs the year before
  12. just bought 2-12" tv sun visor set and have noc clue how to hook these up lol im also goin to be getting a flip out deck shortly since thatll be my dvd player...any ideas how to make the install easier on me lol or have any thoughts on it...thanks everyone in advance and heres couple pictures
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