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  1. One Owner ... 1992 Grand Prix Bright Blue. Spoiler, exhaust tip/mufflers, hood louvers and cold air intake added later. Only 93K miles. Bought New On February of 92 with only 8 miles on the clock!
  2. LawMan62


    Bought Brand new in 92, repainted in 2004 and added hood louvers plus had rims refinished.
  3. LawMan62

    Nearly Twins.jpg

    From the album: DSCN1339.JPG

  4. LawMan62


    From the album: DSCN1339.JPG

  5. My 1992 Grand Prix SE Fully Loaded ONE Owner! 3.4 Twin Dual Overhead Cam, with some modifications. Bigger Injectors, cold air intake, free flowing exhaust, and added Hood Louvers when I had the car painted in 2005. Spoiler was added one month after I bought the car in Feb. of 92.
  6. Wow, and Congrats to everyone who entered, and to those who won. I am humbled. Thanks!
  7. Most parts I find have been from E-Bay actually! Pontiac sites have some as do Some Junkyards. Use the internet is all I can say. Parts are hard to come by, and getting costly since people now see that they are hard to find and getting rare! No one makes repops of these cars. Older muscle cars yes, but not my GP!
  8. Here ya go Smorggy! I have another of it running, but this has the best sound. My GP also has Sequential Turn Signals, like the old Cougars and now newer Mustangs have. DSCN0665.MOV
  9. My 92 had a quiet exhaust, and I put mufflers on it that are not muffled at all. Freeing it up seemed to help with the performance, along with a freed up cold air intake. The rev limiter is there so you do NOT overspin the cams, if yours in the 3.4. Taking off the limiter could be a BAD thing! Once the car is OVER 30 MPH, it will rev UP to around 6 Grand, then the limiter kicks in again. My GP will ONLY go up to 116 MPH then it will not go higher due to the limiter yet again. Kinda sucks, but it is how it has been since day 1. I added a Photo of the pipes/mufflers I added for sound and NO restrictions. Only muffler on it now is the Converter!
  10. My 1992 Grand Prix One Owner. Mostly Stock, some Mods, 93K Miles.
  11. For any of you Pontiac Nuts interested in just Meeting new people and seeing some nice cars, there is a Meet & Greet in Pontiac, IL on July 20th. No specific time, just meet downtown near the Oakland Museum. This is not a show, costs nothing but gas and food. Open for any Pontiacs and those who want to see some new faces! Be nice to see some of you here, there. Thanks for reading this! Larry Wahler
  12. 1992 One Owner Grand Prix SE with the 3.4 Twin Dual Cam Engine with 90,000 plus miles.
  13. If you mean on Peoria Avenue, maybe. There is a Stop Light after you go over the Rock River, and then the Next intersection has a Stop Sign at all 4 corners with an Old Church there. That USED to have a OLD Stop Light at all 4.
  14. Where was this taken? Great Scenery for an awesome car!
  15. On the Main road, or on Peoria Avenue? Peoria Avenue has a Stop Light at one intersection, and a Stop Sign on all 4 corners at the next intersection where there Used to be an Old Stop signal. That is a Nice looking car! Love the color as well .... not just a Red, but a medium Red!
  16. DSCN1339.JPG Taken down by the Rock River in Dixon, IL
  17. 1992 Grand Prix Original Owner! Mostly Stock with 92, 000 miles, all mine. Bought with 8 miles on the clock.
  18. Naw ... I do not like my car Yellow!😅
  19. YOU have Pollen? Must be nice! Nice looking Ride tho!
  20. Love the Blue! Car looks verry clean too. Any other pics? Glad to see younger guys into these cars!
  21. Not many came with the Info center either. My GTP doesn't.
  22. Ringo64, mine is not a Petty GP, but a fully loaded SE. Only option I did NOT get was the GTP package. By looking at it, many think it is at 1st! Has a Moonroof, HUD, compass and added hood louvers correct for a 92.
  23. One owner, Original miles ... currently 90,345, repainted original color, and Love to take to shows! Fully Optioned with all the goodies except for the GTP package. Spoiler/Wing was added soon after I bought the car in 92. Louvers were added during the repaint.
  24. LawMan62


    These pics were from a show Last September in Pontiac, IL! All Pontiac show.
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