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  1. Beautiful GTO. Welcome to the site.
  2. That is riding very low. I like it. Thanks for the picture.
  3. Great another Pontiac saved. Welcome to the site.
  4. Welcome to FP. Nice GTO. Nice choices for future Pontiacs. The Aztec doesn't get much love, but I kinda like them. That vehicle has a lot of uses, which was the intent of the Aztec.. Lowered and wide-bodied.... I'd like to see that.
  5. Welcome to FP. Glad you were able to find your Formula. You are saving it from a slow and certain death. We need to see more Formulas .
  6. Welcome to the site. Congrats on the award and the Original Owner Certification. Glad you were able to hold onto your T/A all these years. Last year I received Certification for my T/A. I need to get a better picture... not happy with this one.
  7. Welcome. Very nice T/A. I'm probably in the minority here but, I love the hardtop.😎
  8. Welcome. I'm glad you're saving that 60 from a slow and certain death. Good luck with your project.
  9. Welcome Bill. Very fine GTO. Honeycombs look great!! You've owned some great Pontiacs. I also like the CTS-V.
  10. Welcome. That's a great looking Tempest. Very nice.
  11. Welcome. Glad you can join us. Beautiful T/A. Stunning.
  12. Welcome. Great looking ride.😎
  13. Welcome. Nice looking Pontiac.
  14. Welcome aboard. Great looking 75. I'd keep your car original, don't see many of them out there after all these years.
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