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  1. Thanks, I appreciate it. Still some little things to do but sweet to ride.
  2. The spoiler is made out of 22 gage sheet metal. I designed it and had a friend helping for the fabrication. The body lines are indeed complex on the LeMans but looks decent. Thanks for noticing. The fit is very good, pictures showing the trunk lid not latched…
  3. Yes , nothing will beat an original look. I kept the original drivetrain in mine, could had gone with an LS but wanted to feel like the 70’s when I pop the hood.
  4. Sweet 75, looks very solid, keep her original!
  5. Thanks man , lots of hours , busted knuckles and fun! I hand fabricated the spoiler, and my friend the body man fitted the shaker and fabricated the loovers too. I wanted to create a package that Pontiac should have offered…☺️
  6. My ride is a 1976 Pontiac LeMans sport coupe that I restaured over a 9 years period. Treated to a full blown, frame off and rotissery.The car is match number, still has the original drivetrain.
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