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  1. hextic

    parking citation

    Hi, [ChaosweaveR]'s friend here. I need to see the citation. You can blank out the personal information if you want I just need to see exactly what you were sent and if any of the information is wrong point it out for me and describe how it's wrong. Also, what State are you in?
  2. Well I'm back because I honestly completely forgot this place existed. Sorry. Anyway, Chaos told me that there were people here who loved to play Orbiter 2010. Any of you here?
  3. ...Chris? Do you even know who that is? Are you even aware who that character is?
  4. Physics nerd incoming. This is true. Light will always travel in a straight line unless some massive force distorts spacetime itself to curve its path. Unless you happen to work at the LHC and routinely drive through the ATLAS detector, light curving is unlikely to be an issue. From some reading, the only difference between a bulb and an HID is that the HID uses an electric arc rather than a hot filament to produce light. So unless there is some mirror altering the direction of the light, assume that the light will travel in all directions from the center where there is nothing opaque in the way of doing so.
  5. Says the one with a rainbow dash avatar. I'm sorry, but I can totally picture Dash as a fighter pilot. And she'd probably kick Maverick's ass. Edit: Not a dig on you or anything, just pointing out that Dash just screams fighter pilot at me.
  6. Actually, screw the F-22. The F-35 has its HUD in the helmet itself and gives you no need to ever look inside the plane.
  7. What the hell? Would that even really work? You could siphon it into the tank but that wouldn't cause the tank to just overflow and spill all over?
  8. Funny story, sometimes I still get banner tow jobs, I rent a C-172 for those. Geico had me flying an insurance banner in the wind storm the day before Hurricane Irene. I had to tell ground control I was serious about asking for taxi clearance in a C-172N twice before they stoppe laughing at me. Landing with a 45* crab angle in crosswinds was...interesting. I had to bail the damn banner and then go get it with my pt cruiser blowing around the airport grass. Call me dumb, but I know what my limits are. It's all just vectors of force. At least the tower got a picture of my PT cruiser chasing down a geico banner. I gotta go ask if they still have that picture. EDIT: Yeah, that's pretty much the closest I ever got to offroading. ._.
  9. I'd love to get in one of those, that cockpit is sick. That and the F-22 Raptor are at the top of my list of things to fly before I die. I'm half tempted to take out a loan for the $60 million to buy one and then just wait for hyperinflation when the country collapses.
  10. Family rushed me through flight training because airplane rentals aren't particularly expensive per se, but rental of a pilot is. Also we hate the TSA. Also we hate airline schedules, and private jets fly in style. Seriously, take a look at the inside of this thing. Anyway. They pushed me through it. These are my current certs: Private pilot, commercial pilot (NOT ATP), instrument, complex, multiengine, rotorcraft, ultralight, glider. That was done over summers and winter breaks, and a lot of CAP flying. Nobody realizes you can basically fly for free, get free hours, and build up your commercial certification doing search and rescue stuff, which we got a lot of on the Long Island beaches because Long Island is full of affluent people who don't -really- know how to sail, how to boat, etc. but insist on doing so anyway. During the summers I used to just sit in the CAP lounge, a Cessna 172-N gassed up and preflighted. I usually wouldn't make it through a bottle of coke before we got a call. Then I would land, do my paperwork, and someone else would have another C-172N ready to go, usually with another call ready. It wasn't hard to get my commercial rating hours in one summer of finding capsized sailboats in the Atlantic. ;p
  11. Awesome sauce of deliciousness and frosting.
  12. After so long being in Geek Squad and having everyone and their mother ask for help with "just one thing", I feel bad asking you. I don't know if it's different with cars or what. It's also been really cold. If you really want to, that would be awesome. I just feel bad asking is all.
  13. Thank you! ^.^ I guarantee though that you all have me beat out on car engines, they're not really my area. Jets, rockets, and turbines sure. Car engines somehow are like a foreign country to me, though I hope to fix that by being places like here.
  14. hextic

    FP points

    Erryday I'm stealin points. (cue bad dancing)
  15. Hi, I'm 22, a university student. My job on the side is that of a for-hire pilot. My ground ride: 2007 cream PT Cruiser, no addons, massive dent from getting hit by a snowboarder. Not my choice, I got the thing for free. The only money I ever put into it was gas, oil, a new camshaft position sensor, a new radiator fan, and a replacement passenger side seatbelt mechanism because my SO decided to stick a screwdriver into it to see what would happen. My air ride: This baby, I'm a little more proud of. I've got a kind of co-ownership of it, as pilots often do, where a bunch of people gather together, buy an aircraft, and share it. Cessna Citation II. Think you've seen complicated vehicle controls before? Give this damn thing a shot. I don't even have a damn glass cockpit. VOR navigation all the way, baby. (Pictured cockpit is not mine, I do not have the GPS shown at the left) As for what it looks like from the outside: (again, not mine in particular) I am also the mechanic maintaining the damn thing, but would you believe that while I can tear down a jet engine and put it back together again I can't fix a land vehicle engine without heavy use of google and lots of texting people in the process? I once had to hold up a McDonald's drive-thru line for an hour because my engine overheated and the computer kept just refusing to allow it to do anything. Anyway, why am I the one doing all the airworthiness checks on the plane? Because someone else used to. Someone else was doing the teardowns and all the checks, and what did I get for it? An oil pressure failure in both engines simultaneously, followed by a flameout over Chicago Midway, on my way towards Seattle. Trust me, there is nothing scarier than red flashies on your warning panel, followed by more flashies, followed by several buzzes and alarms playing in your headset. NEVER. AGAIN. I almost lost goddamn hydraulic pressure. That was my one, only, and as far as I can see EVER 7700 squawk. There is no calm, collected way to tell your passengers that the aircraft has failed, the engines are on fire, and you need to dive to try and reset them, and to pray for a successful landing on the first pass because there is no guarantee windmilling the engines will work.
  16. Some more info/resources: Fleet fights: CCP promo footage:
  17. Allright, I'm a bit lonely on Eve, and I'd like a few people to join me. So, what is Eve? Best way I can put it is "out of control capitalism in space with guns and armies." The long version of that is that it is an MMO with one shared world, no sharding of any kind, where virtually the entire world is player-generated and driven. CCP, the company which makes it pretty much gave people resource sources, a means to obtain tools, and just let them have at it. Every single item, ship, module, chemical, what-have-you was made by a player. Even space itself in most cases is run by player-organized "alliances", in many cases operating like countries with defined economies, militaries, civilian leadership, etc. To give you an idea of the scale: (link for full version) This image is automatically generated each day as territory changes hands and new structures are erected or destroyed in different areas. That's an entire galaxy of star systems, all those dots are individual stars, that all have their own planets, moons, asteroid belts, old civilization ruins, and explorable stellar anomalies that you can go interact with. Each of those colored blobs is an alliance, one of those player-driven "countries" I mentioned earlier. They rise, they fall, they move around, and are sometimes reborn. The big thing about this game is the variety and depth. You don't have to know or do it all, but it is all there if you want to. Industrial pilots, combat pilots, explorers, or even people who don't fly anything at all and just serve in office roles in a player enterprise, it's all there. Rocket science to shooting rockets at other people, industry manager, or factory worker producing one thing into another. Miners, security guards for miners, spies, accountants, generals, logistics haulers, blockade runners, mercenaries for hire, what have you. So, to get to the point. Sign up for an account, you can get a free trial period after that if you choose to upgrade it's $15/mo unless you make enough in-game money to pay your subscription that way (I do this). I have a known-space group that I use for industry outside of wormhole space. You're all welcome in there for some community and to fly in fleets together. I can help you get off the ground. If you do join up, post your character name here and I'll send you instructions on how to get in.
  18. This guy should have been a baseball pitcher, not a hooker stitcher.
  19. hextic

    FP points

    You can use them to upload smileys, get lottery tickets, etc. There's this whole store page for them.
  20. Looks about right actually.
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