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  1. yes it is in GardenCity-right around the block from me....Source Mall to be exact, nice to see some "Islanders" on here Thanx for the Compliments everyone
  2. thanx for the compliments ill try to recruit got a few gals in the Fbody ring that may come over... pix tonight i promise!! lol
  3. Im in Garden City Heidi we usually have diff meets all over... keep in touch!! THANK U!! i wil as soon as i can sorry got alot of running around to do for upcoming track rental for monday I promise ill get to it w in next day or so
  4. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1...mp;l=5de2a1d510 for now heres my 95 and below is my 98 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1...mp;l=8112fdc1e5 thank u!!
  5. yea us car chicks are a rare breed lol loading pixs from old laptop and all so ill be posting as soon as i can thanx for the warm welcome PS luv everyones sigs on here...i am jealous dont have talent to make those lol
  6. Hey everyone!! Found this site via Facebook....im liking it!!! Congrats to Pontiacgirl for POTM!!! GIRL POWER!!! lol I currently own a 95 Formula and a 98 Formula Been into F-bodies all my life and have owned about 8 betw 3rd and 4th gens... Love all sorts of cars- but mainly MUSCLE ...i dont discriminate lol I live on Long Island and run an ALL Fbody Car club that has been going since 1999.... Happy to be here and looking fwd to chatting!!! ill post pics of my rides soon!!! *Kara
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