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2004 Pontiac Grand Am SE

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SC/T lip kit+hood+spoiler(although the actually SC/T spoiler doesn't look like this one


AT Italia Inox's


By far the best looking rim for the grand am. Good luck finding some though. some others for ya.

Eagle alloy 077 Also good luck finding them.


These headlights


hard to find, have to buy used so new you can get these. Black housing with the amber corners

And i'm done.

More rims

Gallery of Grand Am's to get ideas of what to do

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I've always wanted to go SC/T.

Wheels, you have to pay to play for nice wheels. Black housing, clear corner headlights are hard to find. Amber corner, black housings are easy to find, though.

If you get drop springs, use a strut made for drop springs, like KYB AGXs.

Exhaust, depends on what you're gonna do engine mod-wise. Gonna just have a CAI? Or do you plan on having ported heads, intake manifolds, headers, internal work, larger TB and a tune? (Or whatever combos you figure out)

If you just want a CAI, sticking with the stock 2.25" pipe is okay, and replacing the stock muffler and resonator with what choices you want. The LA1 sounds awesome with the Flowmaster 80 series muffler, and a cherry bomb glasspack with 2.25" diameter piping. That's the combo I have, I love it.

If you have many more supporting mods, 2.50" diameter piping, that's mandrel bent is the way to go, with the Magnaflow crossflow muffler and SLP Loudmouth muffler as the best flowing options. SLP actually made a whole catback, but they're hard to find just used.

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Right now I'm looking to put in a CAI. I saw CAI's for like what $40. I was thinking what you think would be best CAI?

I like the front lip kit and hood. I saw some pretty expensive hoods out there.

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Like the CAI, LA1, Flow master combo how much is that?

or can you sub the flow master for the cherry bomb? i've had a thrush glasspack before on my truck

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CAIs are all pretty much the same. You'll have to go through the fender well to remove the last intake resonator and get the third piece of the CAI in there.

The LA1 is just the RPO code name for the 3.4L OHV V6, haha. But for the setup you want, you want both the glasspack and Flowmaster. The spot where the stock resonator is, have the glasspack installed in its place. The Flowmaster 80 series muffler installed in the stock muffler's place.

The Flowmaster 80 is actually an F-body muffler (For 3rd and 4th gen Camaros and Firebirds) but it fits our cars perfectly. The smallest diameter they make is 2.50", and that's okay. The glasspack, make sure it's 2.25" diameter. Last, choose a nice set of exhaust tips to finish off the look you want. Polished ones with rolled tips are the best as far as quality goes.

The Flowmaster muffler has a certain flow direction, too. The muffler has labels on the inlets and outlets letting you know which is which, so when you do get the muffler, pay attention to which is which, so when you drop off the car at the exhaust shop know the right way it's supposed to be installed. TELL the mechanics which inlets are which for good measure, if they get busy, they're going to have a tendency to rush and forget if you don't remind them.

Last: don't be worried about how quiet it will be at first, the Flowmaster takes about three weeks to fully break in, two weeks for the glasspack.

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  • Founders
And this is The CAI, but will the CAI work unless I have it tuned?


I would say hold off on the tune till you have your CAI and exhaust on. Usually unless you're throwing codes or have a huge project like a turbo or part upgrade, I would hold off for a few mods that work together so you're maximizing your gains plus not spending a bunch of money retuning on every bolt-on you get.

Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2

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I just wasn't sure if the CAI plus Exhaust would mess it up? I've talked to some buddies that had to tune theirs with new exhaust/CAI

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  • Founders

That may be. I don't have a GA so I'm just talking general terms :) but yes if you're are throwing codes then you may need to tune to get rid of them.

Chris or any other GA LA1 owners will chime in and let you know for sure if it will throw a code with just a CAI

Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2

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No, the MAF is actually good and will compensate for the increased airflow. If you get an SES light, it's probably because of a disconnected sensor, vacuum leak or a sensor isn't installed correctly.

As for the exhaust, I spent roughly $330 on mine, paid $89 for the Flowmaster 80, $35 on the glasspack, $35 on the tips I wanted and the rest was labor, I forget exactly.

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I bought the Chrome intakes CAI.

My exhaust I bought used for $300 and installed it myself because it was a direct bolt on. Its a borla and I love it!

Get both the CAI and the exhaust and then get in contact with either Ben at Wot-tech or Mike at MMS for the tune

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