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WTB: Original Pontiac Memorabilia

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My grandfather owned the Pontiac dealership in Lawton ok back in the 50's & 60's. I know there have to be items "out there" that might have Cox Pontiac on them. If anyone knows of any original items I would be very interested in seeing them!! Hope you guys can advise me on the best approach to find these things. I have spent years searching and still don't have anything. I love the hood ornaments on the old pontiacs before they switched to the arrow. My grandpa died before I was born and I feel like these things would be wonderful to have to remind me of him because most of the stories I've heard about him involved the Pontiac Dealership. Anxious to get some feedback from you guys! :drool:

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I'd check out different swap meets and things of the a like that happen a lot with the Pontiac/GM crowd.

Hood ornaments would be good there too but might be easier to find at junk yards, ebay, the alike.

Who knows someone might read this and have something for you :bump:

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Hmm…I accept the challenge. A couple of thoughts. There are a couple of Pontiac Oakland Club Int’l (POCI) chapters in Oklahoma. You can try to contact them to see if their members have anything.

Indian Nations Chapter (OK)

Web: http://www.indianationspontiac.freeservers.com

Central Oklahoma Pontiac Association (OK)

Web: http://www.okcpontiac.org

There are no GTO Association of America club in Oklahoma, but there are some in nearby states:

http://www.gatewaygto.org/ - Missouri

http://www.wichitagto.com/dnn/ - Kansas

http://www.gtoant.com/ - North Texas

Also, ads and classifieds in Hemming Motor News. Perhaps members of your local AACA club (Antique Automobile Club of Amerca) might have suggestions too.

Finally Tim Dye of the Pontiac Oakland Museum in Pontiac Illinois has a ton of dealer memoribillia may have some leads.


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Thanks Frosty for the information! I had a feeling some of you guys could point me in a good direction!!

Ringo64, love that!

Really appreciate you guys taking the time to give me some ideas. Maybe I will get lucky and someone here will have something they'd be interested in selling. I will check out the sites you listed Frosty I watched eBay for a couple of years and.... Nothing so I got discouraged and it's been a few months since I've spent much time on eBay but I may need to check back!

If I find anything from the sites you listed I will let you know!

Thanks again!

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I am glad I can help. Networking with people is the best way. I have similar problem. I am looking for a small local ice cream company signs and memornillia for the Detroit Blue Ribbon Ice Cream company. My wife's grandparents met there. The company went out of business in the late 50s or early 60s. So I can appreciate what you might be going through.

It's been my experience that "dealer" info is often harder to find for many reasons. The biggest reason being once a new car is sold or traded in, the original dealer badge was often removed. Dealer memorabillia is just now starting to gain some momentum, but info and memorbillia for local dealers is significantly harder to find than those of the "super" dealers like Baldwin-Motion, Royal Pontiac, Knaefel, etc. That is because no one kept track of stuff or thought to keep it. I wish you well in your search.

Local swap meets, antique shows and flea markets will be other sources. I would think the closer you look to your family's dealership location, the more success I suspect you might have.

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