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One more shot to the junk yard!

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Well the original plan was to SC the engine I already have, but.... well that'd be a pain in the back and EXTREMELY expensive so, probably going to put this one up for sale for $100, save up for a few months and get my hands on a full engine assembly with all the accessories and pullies and the injectors. Then all I gotta do is pick up the wiring harness at upull for cheap and also pick up the computer so the car will actually run haha. It will be good fun no matter what, but I guess now, I am looking for opinions from you guys since my feelings changed this morning. Do I buy a crap ton of parts and spend $500 before even starting the tear down, or, sell this s/c for $100, and buy a FULL engine for say $350, spend $50-$100 on a re gasket set and do some work, then call that my engine... what do ya say fellas? (and ladies so we can include Valid in this haha)

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' date='Feb 2 2011, 12:12 PM' post='47815']

I've seen many guys do top swaps for less than $1000 in parts and a tune...

I may have to see some step by steps and see what gets used for parts because depending on what the shop says is wrong with the trans today, I may do it. BUt des claims it's shifting weird and I know nothing, so off to the shop it goes haha

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Alright so it got checked out today and besides the fact that I already know the car is a wiring nightmare, they told me everything I ALSO already know and have told Des is wrong with the car (even though the family doesn't believe me, and it's in her mom's name so they make her take it in and waste time to get looked at):

Motor Mounts are crap

Rear Struts sagging so bad tires rub in wheelwells

Exhaust (front half) is rusted/corroded through

Transmission pan gasket and seal are junk

after the time/money I put into it, it's really sad that we sat here today debating on how we're going to get rid of the car so we can get our hands on a G8... Tax returns are the talk for paying off the van, then early summer we'll probably be pushing G8 power.

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  • Founders

Ouch sorry to hear.

Why you deciding on getting rid of it? Only thing I see as an issue would be the trans but anyway if getting rid of it allows for you to afford a G8, I'd say go for it!

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Well see here's what the problem is:

Des has been supposed to be getting this car for... well probably about 3 years now. She finally got it in July, but on ridiculous circumstances. The title: in her mom's name, The Insurance: in des's name at her mom's address because "it's cheaper because she lives 15 minutes away and isn't in the heart of the city," like apparently we are. Her mom controls EVERY MOVE made with repairs to the car.

Another problem:

Her grandpa has done all the work to the car. Now normally you'd think hey, family, should probably do this stuff right so I don't look like a total fool to the people who see me everyday right? Wrong. Whole front clip is held together by zip ties, the front bumper also held together by zip ties. The headlights go ^><^<>wibblewobblewibblewobble<>^><^. And personally I was a little afraid of how her mom was going to take my recent upgrades to it. Surprisingly, she said she'd like to trade cars so she can drive it now, wishes it was that nice when she drove it 10 years ago (haha she drives an '06 Yukon Denali 2" lowered 20" chrome GMC rims white paint... sweet truck wish she actually meant trade)!!

Well anyhoeee, get the car peeked at by someone else and as I told des the day we got the car, The motor mounts are sheeet, the trans leaks, the entire rear suspension is blown so it sags to the ground like the worlds largest woman is in the trunk, and the interior lights turn on and off whenever they want to. So, currently, I put ANY money into this car and her mom gets a tick up her backside and the car goes bye bye.

Alright I suppose that could've gone in the rant section but yeah, Des just got a new job where she's making about as much as I do now, (puts us at about $1400 every 2 weeks) and we currently live with my mom. I just got my raise so my income will start to go up, and I get another one (about $2/hr) come Spring, so that'll put us at about $1700 every 2 weeks. We've got basically no bills besides cell phone, gas and my car payment and both of our car insurances, including full coverage on that poor GP. Des just got her tax returns which gave us about $1500 to play with, so we're thinking... NEW CAR. It's a toss up between a 2005 Bonneville GXP and a 2008-10 G8. By Spring when we buy we should have like 3-4000 for a DP and we want a fun sport sedan that has a lot of room and a lot of power. (mainly she does, man I picked a good woman!)

She said something about honda and I almost cracked a head gasket about it and I think she's loving the G8's, so.... well, I guess we'll see what happens in the Spring :D

End rant/explanation of why we'd get rid of GP and buy new car ;)

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