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1965 Tempest Custom - Need Help

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I just bought a 65" Tempest with the original 326, HEI distributor, Rochester 2brl, good solid straight car. Previous owner drove it occasionally until he said he changed the battery cables & starter. He said he crossed some wires & then it wouldn't start?

I got it home it had a weak spark & in need if plugs which i changed & gapped to .35-.40 & put in new coil. Theres much better spark now & carb is getting fuel! Initially i squirted some starting fluid in the carb but car just cranks & wont start. Doest even hiccup like it wants too. Got good spark, got fuel, im thinking timing?? Im very mechanically inclined & have built & worked on bikes (Choppers) my whole life.

Im trying to research, learn & understand timing, but its confusing. I can have it towed to a shop to a mechanic that specializes in classic cars but I want to learn & do it myself.

Im going to attach a photo of a wire i found loose against the fire wall, idk if it went to the ballast resistor prior to the HEI?? This wire is in a 3 wire harness, along with the ignition wire that goes to the coil, if this helps?

Any advice as to where to start would be greatly appreciated.

I am in Wolcott/Waterbury Connecticut, if there is anyone close to me that would like to tinker & work with me so i can learn i am more that willing to pay for your time, im a very quick learner & understand mechanics, i just need a clear explanation to store in my brains data base 😄

Thanks & Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸 Semper Fi 20210701_171438.thumb.jpg.f85780f86768f12cbe2ec6c272591206.jpg20210701_171444.thumb.jpg.3f8e6c681157a977618e75efdd34663c.jpg20210701_171438.thumb.jpg.f85780f86768f12cbe2ec6c272591206.jpg20210623_180535.thumb.jpg.5c6704bb67ee9e9444cb14269373e99d.jpg20210701_171457.thumb.jpg.89d6ad0e9bc76c60e528e2a940dab88a.jpg🇺🇸 Semper Fi...

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I will say that you are in luck  - the national convention for the Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI) will be in your next of the woods next week. The POCI will be at Mohegan Sun in Unacasville Connecticut from July 11-15. So I would encourage you to spend some time there looking at all the cars and how they are hooked up. The owners will be glad to talk to you.

Which side of the car is this loose wire? Driver side or passenger side?

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The single wire you were holding with your left hand is either the heater motor lead which plugs in under the top passenger fender near the hood hinge.  Its tough to see but if you get your head down into the engine compartment and look up into the top area of the front fender and the firewall, you will see a lead post sticking out for the heater motor.  The 2nf thing it could be is the kickdown solenoid on the rear of the transmission passenger side above the cross-member.


How did the HEI conversion work for you?  Did you go the Pertronix route?

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