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  1. Pontiac Questions and Concerns

    In here you can post questions and concerns that you have about your Pontiac and have them answered by our knowledgeable members. Also you can post part numbers, old recall bulletins and stuff of alike.

  2. Pontiac General Maintenance, Modifications and Garage Discussion

    Talk about any Maintenance, Modifications and Garage Discussion that don't fall into any category

  3. Pontiac Interior Maintenance, Modifications and Garage Discussion

    Any Maintenance, Modifications and Garage you have done to your Interior, talk about here, post pictures and tell stories! This includes Audio and light.

  4. Pontiac Exterior Maintenance, Modifications and Garage Discussion

    In here all discussions, questions and showing of Exterior Maintenance, Modifications and Garage Discussion

  5. Pontiac Performance Maintenance, Modifications and Garage Discussion

    Talk, show, discuss Maintenance, Modifications and Garage Discussion like intake, exhaust, tunes and related mods that increase the performance of your Pontiac!

  6. Pontiac Suspension, Brakes, Rims & Tires

    Need a second opinion on rims or tires? Need advice on what tires or rims? Ask about or discuss in here!

  7. The How to Forum

    Help others with your car to find out how to do something. Or request a how to!


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    • Good race between Farmbird and the LSM4, too!  
    • Soooo worth the wait.   But I can't rant N rave about the out come.  Notallthere asked we don't post who won.  Did you happen to slide over hear to this side of the river N watch the big event?
    • Not horrible mileage either for the age. Sounds like a good deal then.  We have a progression forum for our Pontiacs if you want to go into more, share photos and continue sharing on it as you do anything more/else: https://foreverpontiac.com/forum/9-pontiac-progression-place/ We also have an Other Autos forum where you can do the same for your Sebring: https://foreverpontiac.com/forum/26-other-autos/
    • Looks amazing from the photos!
    • I got the car for a steal, it was showing a misfire on the number six cylinder and the used car lot guy had no clue about cars. He just kept saying maybe the coils. After digging a bit I found the number 6 plug wire was broken in half. A few minor things, tune up, brakes, trans line leaking nothing to bad. We were struggling for a bit with the air issues (air pump, check valve, etc.) So we just went ahead and replaced it all. The only thing left to do is the check valve next week. Tried taking it apart and cleaning it but it's too far gone. Very clean interior, outside has no damage, all of the electric switches and gadgets work including the wheel buttons for the radio, mileage at 147,000. So all and all I am very pleased with the car. For the 73 Satellite it's completely down to the shell and being restored. Will hopefully begin putting it back together this year. Thank you Chris.
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