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  1. i shell not put i pic in here....my car is not worthy enough...maybe later next time
  2. GMGA

    2000 Grand Am bumper cover removal

    how to remove the bumper is....there are 3 bolts on each side that hold the sides to the fenders.....there is like 4 pull tabs on the top....and there is a few under the car in the front....not as bad as all these guys are making it out to be......pretty easy IMO
  3. GMGA

    My Birthday Photoshoot

    Still looking killer Dave
  4. GMGA

    My SE/GT

    i heard of them sites b4
  5. GMGA

    My SE/GT

    i know...but it was to late...the 3.4 was already in
  6. GMGA

    My SE/GT

    i got more then just body work done....i took the 2.4 out that it came with, and dropped in the 3.4.....with paint motor swap and a couple of other little thing, i have about 5,000 into it....but still not done
  7. GMGA

    My SE/GT

    SC/T is next
  8. GMGA

    Kind of new

  9. GMGA

    My SE/GT

    I dont know if this is the right area but here are some pic's of my SE/GT....some of you guys know who i am.... Here is what i started with [url=http://i929.photobucket.com/albums/ad134/jrNcass81506/n1353548027_30305416_3862.jpg'> ]My Webpage to this http://i929.photobucket.com/albums/ad134/jrNcass81506/n1353548027_30305421_4962.jpg]My Webpage to this [url=http://i929.photobucket.com/albums/ad134/jrNcass81506/100_1176.jpg'> ]My Webpage And finally to this [url=http://i929.photobucket.com/albums/ad134/jrNcass81506/102_0343.jpg'> ]My Webpage
  10. GMGA

    Kind of new

    ya i have been lurking around...trying to find my way...let me see how to post pic's
  11. GMGA

    stewartfn20's cammed 3400 build

    looking good there
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