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  1. 1973 Pontiac LeMans base model. 350 cu in engine. Recently purchased in the Chicago area with 23,151 miles on the odometer. Driven to the Calgary, Alberta area and restored.
  2. Thanks, all, on this. One more question. IS there actually a circuit breaker associated with this A/C Thermal Expansion Valve? I've searched online and don't see it even listed, much less available. Gary
  3. Geez it's nice to run into someone who knows what they're talking about. Thanks, Frosty. Does converting from R12 to R134 necessitate replacing the whole shebang, as in compressor, condenser, pipes and hoses? Or maybe just the seals, I've heard? Or can you just take the R12 out (disposing of it properly of course), and put in R134 and have it all work? I know, the A/C specialty shop will know, but I'm curious and I've 'got you here.'
  4. So I picked up a sweet 1973 LeMans last year with only 23,000 miles on the clock. One of only things not working is the A/C. I wonder if anyone out there knows what needs to be done to an old A/C system. When took mine in to the local GM shop, they got it sort of half working - putting out cool air, not cold. The mechanic evidently said one of the tubes was freezing up and I'd need a new Thermal Expansion Valve. So I got one and took it back, but evidently he then said he'd need the circuit breaker that goes with it, (I've looked around and see nothing about circuit breakers being available). There was also talk about having to do a conversion from R12 to R134 and someone told me that could cost me Cdn$4,000-5,000 (I live in Canada). Yes, you're right, I'm not getting a lot of help out of GM mostly because I have only been able to talk to the dealer service representative and not directly to the mechanic. Which is why I'm here on Forever Pontiac! Anyone want to suggest what they would do if they found themselves in my situation? Thanksabunch.
  5. 1973 Pontiac LeMans

    1973 Pontiac LeMans
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