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  1. Some pictures of my 73 LeMans! (that i putted for sale to afford a 1968 Lemans) Even if i am not fan of the green interior i think its pretty beautifull
  2. I finnally took it to the mechanic because i couldn't fix it by my own.. had to take carte of my baby. so i had a leak and i lost two gallons of coolant... that was all the liquid when i stoped and started leaking but now its fixed, i drove it home and happy. now that i fixed all the biggest issues i am thinking on selling it so i can buy a 1968 Lemans.
  3. bypass how? like taking the hose off the firewall and putting it in return somewhere in the radiator? the oil is not so high just a little bit
  4. Hi! so yesterday i stopped after driving the 73 LeMans 350 and when i turned of the engine a lot of pressure and vapor went from the hood i opened and it was coming out from the overflow with a strange noise ( i suppose because the pressure). Smelly water was coming out from down the dashboard in the passenger side but i had that always. I drove it today morning a little bit but it was ok and now that i made i longer driving i stopped again and had that some seconds... (the heads are new, the water pump to, ,the alternator too and i chekced oil three days ago and it was ok ( well i poured
  5. probably the next purchase.. i always dreamed about building one of these hot rods. Good job
  6. ohh ok! i am waiting a friend to lift the car and see all this stuff i want to put it running again! i had always issues starting the car i hope now i can change that to better
  7. so i should go for a different starter than the stock one?
  8. Yeah It is a different look totally and this custom job is pretty well designed ( i mean it is well integrated with the curves as you said). i always thought that the 73 needed a retouch in design for this front that doesnt really matches with the back and side silouette
  9. I can't find nothing like that, it may be a customized modification what do you think?
  10. yeah i saw some poorly putted wirings... it may be that, but i started again today after 2 days and it wouldn't start so i think the starter is fried. i think i am going to clean out this cable stuff and put new ones in the correct place
  11. Ok so i changed the aircleaner.. i putted the hose that was going to the valve cover connected to the exit of the aircleaner and after trying it i can say it is much better.. i can hear a breathe and the car responds better. i made a carbtiming change too. now it is good but i had to tow the car because after parking it wouldn't start ( had this problem before) and a smoke went from the hood, i think a cbale burned a bit and it's not making contact or i burned the starter..
  12. Just had a very big leak of the AC Liquid coming inside the car and outside... what a mess
  13. Hi! i just saw on Google this pictures and i wanted to know if it is a kit/pack or a customized front on this LeMans GTO 73... anyone knows?? Maybe the owner is in this forum! Thank you !
  14. Yeah! but it gets very warm here in summer! i need some cold! I like the original color but i am going to paint it in black because it needs a refresh. i like your color too, its beautiful. Oh the link you sent doesn't work
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