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  1. Hello, Relative newbie to this site. My 61 Pontiac Catalina 4 dr sedan window channels are completely rusted away. The scissors lift mechanisms are okay. I need to replace the channels. What year(s) will fit 4 door sedan? And is there a source? Thanks
  2. Good Morning Frosty, Aware of difference in auto/manual/floor/columns. Mostly was concerned about length difference. I have a GM A body from 64 Chevelle tilt column column and wanted to know if it was long enough. Will have to measure. Agree that inner and outer wheel housings may be required. Issue is sources. Any extant? I tried to place two adverts in classifieds but, can't seem to get them to post. Best, Nick
  3. Frosty, Appreciate the quick response. Great info on the trans question. Actually, will use existing manual brake pedal so do not need that. Am thinking that I could expand steering column search to include thru 64 as well as I do not think there's a real difference between p/s and m/s columns. (I probably am incorrect, there?) 1/4 panels are needed. Summit advertises these for $614 in attached picture and at this url. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/opg-gbc1461-pr/overview/make/pontiac/model/catalina Thank you, Nick
  4. Hello from VA, New to this site/forum. Considering purchase of a 61 Ventura Bubbletop with 65 389/4bbl, HP unknown. Was a column 3spd, now has on floor. Poor conversion job. Plan is to change over to an auto as seller wants to keep manual shift linkage and steering column. He's asking $500 for a fair body, mostly there car with all trim, all interior, complete dash, no broken glass, no major body damage (other than sitting outside for 15 years). Will do mechanical (brakes, fuel, etc) resto to be road worthy. Will thoroughly check frame and replace rusty trunk panel. Questions: Will BOP "A" body steering column from 64 Chevelle auto trans car replace steering column, a source for auto brake pedal setup, what auto trans will fit behind 65 engine, source for 1/4 panels and other sheet metal and anything else needed to consider. I know there are many uncertainties with this purchase. Suggestions and advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Attached 62 Catalina picture is what I drive daily now.
  5. Win a Free FP Shirt!

    Purfectly Pontiac!
  6. 1962 Catalina Frame Repair

    Excellent! Your "things to ponder" make me want to "ponder".
  7. 1962 Catalina Frame Repair

    Most appreciated!
  8. 1962 Catalina Frame Repair

    Appreciate the great advice from both of you!
  9. 1962 Catalina Frame Repair

    Thank you. Car is totally operational and serviceable. We being veterans know what that means. Can't do a body off due to cost and will most likely weld a new patch over area. BTW, it has a perimeter, not X frame, so should be "simpler". Thank you again for the advice!
  10. 1962 Catalina frame has rust through forward of driver's rear wheel where frame ties into lift pad. Slight creak when moving car. Is there any way to repair the area? Otherwise car, is good. Thank you.
  11. Welcome to Forever Pontiac Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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