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  1. Tom King

    How To Seafoam Your Car

    I love Seafoam. My first experience was with a Tahoe with 250K on it and a lifter that would not stop ticking. Three treatments through the oil and that puppy was purring like its old self. When I got the Formula it was running a bit rough. I Seafoamed the gas, vac and oil. When vac - ing it be ready for the smoke and do not go out on the road! The gas tank treatment is easy and I do it at least once a year in all my vehicles. Like mentioned above, I like to use it in the oil when an oil change is looming. And when its in there, you might want to take it easy on the engine. Back to the Formula - after putting it in, I blew blue smoke on start up for a few days but for about 10 days I blew carbon deposits out the tailpipes. It all cleared out and the car runs smooth and feels responsive again at 140k miles. SeaFoam! (I use it on the lawn mower, leaf blower, snow blower - anything with a motor - makes a nice fuel stabilizer too).
  2. Tom King


    Chaos - congrats on escaping. I think I came across this site while going through other Pontiac sites via facebook. I'll get some pics posted. Mine is a Flame red Formula CC1, L98 dream car (to me). I'd like to add a 91 or 92 convertible in the next couple of years and then I am done. In the meantime, I'll see ya'll at the Northeast meeting in a few weeks in RI. Looking forward to that one!
  3. I like the cling wrap and water idea - will have to try that next time. I just pulled off what came off and cleaned with a citrus goo remover - worked pretty easy over all for tint that had been on just a few years.
  4. Stripped one of the wheels on the formula getting ready to sand, polish and repaint the slats. Not looking forward to the project but it must be done!
  5. Tom King

    blue smoke

    That price sounds REALLY high.... time for a second opinion.
  6. Tom King

    blue smoke

    Good luck. Valve seals are pretty likely and at least not an immediate, serious threat if that is the case.
  7. Tom King

    Why did you get your Pontiac?

    I had a Formula a long long long time ago. Loved it and missed it still. So I got another one. This time a 350. Life is good again!
  8. Tom King


    Hi Everyone, Long time Pontiac enthusiast here from Mass. Grew up on Bonnevilles and Firebirds, still waiting for the return of new model driving excitement....
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