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  1. jgarcia05

    LMFAO must see

    hahaha! i forgot about that one man! that one was hilarious! andy samburg is one of the funniest guys that snl has every had! classic!!
  2. jgarcia05

    The official Baseball Thread!

    Post everything baseball related in here!
  3. jgarcia05

    The Drunken Thread

    damn, you guys must have a lot of free time on your hands, especially to be posting on a forum when your drunk!! that just made my day! haha!
  4. jgarcia05

    LMFAO must see

    you guys think the on a boat one is funny?? c'mon jedi, i got an even funnier one, waaayyyy funnier then that. thanks for posting though jedi
  5. jgarcia05

    The Official Random Car Talk Thread!

    asses! haha! well i figured id post those so that the random car thread wouldnt get so cluttered but oh well, my FORD up thanks for the "fix"jedi. oh yeah, and i also fixed the spelling you put in the title description k
  6. jgarcia05

    The Official Basketball Thread!

    Post up all that has to do with the NBA here!
  7. jgarcia05


    POONERS!! w00t!! im glad you joined. you are one cool guy and i think you could really contribute to this site! glad to have you aboard man.
  8. jgarcia05

    Im Back!!

    yeah sorry guys, i wish i was on a vacation, but i was working a lot and was too tired to even do anything. but im here and thanks for the "search party"!! lol. you guys are the best hehe and thanks for the warm welcome
  9. jgarcia05

    Hi Peoples!!

    welcome! nice looking 6! nice to see another girl on here! 8)
  10. jgarcia05


    WELCOME!! sweet pics of your g6! glad to have you and hope you enjoy your stay!
  11. jgarcia05

    So Cal G6 GTP

    w00t! glad to have you over on here bro!!
  12. jgarcia05

    From the North

    Welcome! glad to have you apart of this great forum!! w00t!!
  13. Post about other random vehicles in this section! anything from cars, trucks, and anything that drives! news, comments, updates and pics are all welcome!
  14. jgarcia05

    Im Back!!

    ok guys, after being gone for a few days, im back....just been really busy. well my name is jonathan and i got a 2005 pontiac g6 gt. ive been an actice member and am the southwest regional mod over on g6performance.com. i hope i can contribute as much as i can to this site so we can all see it grow to be one of the biggest pontiac forums on the net. glad to be apart of this with all of you.
  15. jgarcia05

    Got some good news and some bad news

    ok guys, sorry for not being on in the past few days, i just been real busy with work. i got the pm from ghost over on g6p about re-registering and did so.
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