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  1. Lampoon

    Texas Roll Call

    We are going to try for a meet around San Antonio after new years....
  2. Lampoon

    POTM Banter

    Did I win....??? oh wait......
  3. Lampoon

    Texas Roll Call

    Sure......for now! lol
  4. Lampoon

    Texas Roll Call

    Corpus aint in the middle of Texas....
  5. Lampoon

    Texas Roll Call

    I never tire of them till I gain 10 lbs then I stop eating them for awhile, lose the weight then it all starts again.
  6. Lampoon

    POTM Banter

    I voted...
  7. too south for me. Im in SA.
  8. Lampoon

    American Carbon Fiber

    yup....it was like almost $400 shipped. No one wanted to pay that for a flat piece of plastic accross the front. Would like to see it have vents like the Saleen Extremes... maybe drop it 2" or so right where the lower grill is above it. Then slide in air vents.
  9. Lampoon

    American Carbon Fiber

    a front air diffuser would be killer on the G6!!! I have one in CF for my Mustang. Awesomesauce!!
  10. Lampoon

    What is your OCD with cars?

    when my wife leaves the interior light on ALL NIGHT. She does this every couple of months & I have to put the battery back on the charger. uuugghhh....
  11. Lampoon

    Huge Convoy of Cops?

    That happens at Funerals. Especially if its an In The Line of Duty death.
  12. Lampoon

    WTB: Looking for Pontiac rims to buy

    Go with Dan!! Hes the man. I pull mine off the table. I also apologise and did not mean to block any sale. CARRY ON!!!
  13. The bay is so differnt that wont help. Angles & mounting points are diff. Putting out crab dimensions will not help anyone except pirates.
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