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66 Tempest 326 to 64 389 Engine Swap

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Hi all - forum newbie and first post. Looking for some help!

I'm in the process of pulling out the 326/2 and ST300 from our '66 Tempest convertible, with the intention of swapping in a '64 389/4 and (eventually) 200-4r transmission.

Question: the 389 has no starter (as it was mounted to previous trans from the Catalina) or flexplate, so I need to re-use the starter/solenoid and flexplate from the 326. I am assuming this will work without issue but wanted to check with you all first. The 64 block has provisions for the starter, so I won't need a bellhousing adapter.

Anything I'm missing or not considering? Any help is appreciated in advance - thanks!

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Starter should not be an issue. I usually recommend the use of the heavy duty version of the Pontiac starter but the original starters work fine unless you are going with headers.

The use of the 200 4R is a good overdrive unit that will bolt up to engine. However it is longer than the standard TH350/400 case, so you will have to shorten your drive shaft. Also you will have to relocate the transmission cross over rearward a few inches as well. This will  mean drilling new holes in the chassis for the cross over. Also the 200 4R takes a TV cable instead of a transmission kick down cable.

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Thanks Frosty, appreciate the response. I'm a bit concerned with the lock-out converter switch, as I've never had one. Would a non-lockout converter be ok for a street cruiser setup? Any advantages one way or the other?



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Generally speaking, a non-lock up torque converter will generate more heat that a lock-up converter. With a lock-up converter, when you get up to speed, the torque converter lock-ups, which creates a direct drive from engine to transmission. No additional heat will be added into the transmission fluid due to slippage during operation. This will help extend the life of the transmission.

Adding a transmission cooler is not a bad idea, either way you go.

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Saw your post. Don't know where your're at with it . I have a 389 tripower with the auto tranny ,starter and solenoid. It was out of a 1962 catalina that was running like a top but the body was beyond repair. I'm looking to put it in my 63 Tempest that is a 3 speed with a Trophy 4 engine.In order to do the conversion, I need a 326 Bell housing , and flex plate. I don' need the trany or starter or flex plate or bell housing off the 389. Wondering if we might be able to work out a "win -win" for both our projects. I don't live very far from you. Apple Valey lake near Mt. Vernon

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You might want to consider private messaging bdubya74 if he not monitoring this thread anymore.

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