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  1. I think gas shocks are too harsh and beat the heck out of a car that was built for hydraulic shocks. On our FB I removed the gas shocks that road terrible and puy Koni hydraulic shocks and saw a huge improvement in ride. Sure, if I was road racing the car the gas shocks may have been better. But Pontiac wasn't stupid and had the capability to build shocks as stiff as they wanted. They offered multiple stiffnesses on the Firebird shocks alone, so don't think some stiff gas shock is some new invention that will remake your car into a slalom racer. GM didn't run gas shocks and neither should you. These non-gas KONI shocks provide a great ride without beating you to death on a rough road. I took off a set of KYB'S that cost more and the car rides much better!!
  2. Start with checking your wheel bearings, then move to your steering components. Often the gearboxes just wear out and a new one can make it drive like new. Have someone move the wheel while you watch the steering and see where the slack is coming from. A car that old, I would expect it all is worn out, but some may have been already replaced.
  3. Are you sure you want to do that? I've had air shock after air shock fail. The ride is terrible. Fenders come down on tires when shocks fail at the worst times. Often cheaper to add a leaf than to purchase air shocks and you still get to run a shock for dampening.
  4. I have yet to see a driven Pontiac engine without this issue. I have tried many paints, I cannot find any Pontiac colors that do not burn. When I arrive at a show, the trick is to pop the hood and use a paper funnel to spot spray paint these spots before judging or displaying the car. Takes about 2 minutes and it looks like you have the magic formula that never darkens.
  5. So the answer is: you don't have to change the spark plug gap, but it may run better if you move it up to .045. Remember to check your total timing as many HEI's put in too much mechanical advance.