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  1. Driving my 1951 Chieftian requires the right t-shirt. Hopin' I win! I have not seen a single Forever Pontiac shirt in Palm Springs so I want to be the first one to wear it! Giving away t-shirts with Pontiac on them? I'm your guy! I will wear it proudly!
  2. Really need that t-shirt! Only have one clean t-shirt left--gotta win! Hahaha😄 Driving my 1951 Chieftian requires the right t-shirt. Hopin' I win!
  3. Trying to win a free T-shirt!!
  4. Thanks much. Hoping I can get some help through this forum.
  5. Thanks! Only owned it 3 months and got lots of plans to bring it back to total road-worthy shower and driver. You'll likely see lots of questions from me on this forum since I'm new at this stuff and want to learn all I can from people with experience. John
  6. 1951 Chieftian 8. Want to get radio and clock working. Anyone know the best way to do this? Remove it and take it/mail it to someplace that does this type of restoration? Got any names, leads, web links to share? Also, dash lights won't work. All other lights working fine. Any ideas what I need to check on this before taking it in to the shop? Finally, the door lock button on the rear, driver side door does not work (lock or un-lock). Is this an easy self-fix? Any suggestions welcome! Thanks!!
  7. 1951 Chieftian. Most of interior in great shape but driver's door has a hole/tear in it. Anyone know how to 'fix' this OR how to obtain a new door panel for this model (4-door sedan)?
  8. 1951 Pontiac Chieftian. Steering seems real sloppy. Wondering what can be done to tighten it up a bit since there is a LOT of play in the wheel when driving it. Would appreciate any suggestions, ideas, or web sites where I can get help or parts to correct this problem. Many Thanks!
  9. Happy to join the forum today. Name is John. Live in Palm Springs, CA. Just got a 1951 Pontiac Chieftian 4-dr. Sedan - great shape, drives good, looks good. Almost identical to the first car I ever owned - even the color! Years ago I drove a 1959 Catalina and later a 1966 Catalina. I'm just takin' a trip down memory lane with this '51 :-)
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