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  1. Thank you, from what i measured it is a 4" water pump. Thank you for all the info.
  2. Ok, That's what I thought, just wanted to make sure. Thank You.
  3. Hi everyone, I noticed that my water pump was leaking when I put the car away for the winter, so now that it's starting to get a little warmer I thought I would replace it. When I went to find a replacement it looks like they come in two heights one is just listed as "standard" and the other is listed as a 4 15/32" (or 4.469") height. I have a 1969 G.T.O. with a 400 c.u. motor. Do I measure from the block to the where the fan mounts or the front of the pump to the fan mount? Thanks for any help. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=11203645&cc=1256363&jsn=1671 https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=948816&cc=1256363&jsn=1670
  4. This company told me their kit would work on my 14" wheels for an Oldsmobile Cutlass, but please read the rest of the post. Not sure if this is allowed, so if not please delete. I need to let other fellow members know about a bad experience I have had with the company Johnny Law Motors. I contacted the company about a front disc brake conversion kit. I had a few questions about fitment for my vehicle so they put me in contact with their "tech guy". He answered the questions I had, so I went ahead and ordered the kit he told me would fit. It was well in excess of $400, and when I received the kit there were no calipers, or brake pads in the kit. I called customer service and was ran around to multiple "departments". The "tech guy" told me he would make it right, but when he put me back to customer service, and they in turn told me the kit I ordered did not include the calipers or pads. There was a kit that I could have ordered that included the calipers, but they were much more. I tried my best to keep my cool & ask them why in the world would I order a drum to disc brake "conversion" kit & not need the two most important parts to the kit. They in turn basically told me that I was SOL, but I could buy the calipers from them. To put it nicely on here I told them to pound sand. (Just not in those words). I just wanted to warn anyone else that was planning on doing a conversion kit on their vehicle, do not go through them. Thank You for letting me vent........sorry if this is not allowed.
  5. I think I'll hold off on painting them. Eastwood was out of "Magnesium" color paint when I went last night, & I think the cheapest I saw was like $22 for a can online. By the time I would buy the paint & my time prepping & painting I don't know if it would be worth it. I think I will just do like JUSTA6 said & sell them as is. Upon closer inspection it would take too much work.
  6. Ok, I will look on Amazon for the paint. Yes you are right, about what someone is willing to give. I will sand them down & check out the paint. I am going to the Eastwood store in Pottstown, PA tonight, maybe they would have it. I was thinking around $200 a set, so that works for me. Thank you again.
  7. Ok, folks. Got another wheel question. I have a few sets of the "Honeycomb" wheels. I would like to make them look a little more presentable to try to sell them. I think all they need is a little sanding around the metal part around the lip, some pressure washing & a fresh coat of paint. My question is what is the factory color of the wheel (polycast part of the wheel). It looks like it is silver argent, (Same as the Chevy "Rally" wheels, but I just want to make sure. Also what would they be worth in a "driver quality" wheel? 14" x 7" E-bay has one for $35 and another for $180. Almost the same condition. (Not nice condition either). Thanks ahead of time.
  8. Wow Nice. That is my favorite car of all time. '70 Judge. Maybe someday I will have one.
  9. I was looking for "certification" that the car is all original. Although the link you have there is interesting, I do have the "build sheet" for the car, so that should tell me how it left the factory, correct? Thank You. On a side note does anyone know if they are still having the "All Pontiac" show in Landisville, PA The second weekend in August? Or, did that one get cancelled along with all the other bigger car shows?
  10. Is there a way that my Mom can get the car "certified"? If so how do we go about it & about how much would it cost? Someone at a local show said we should look into it.
  11. Thank You, My father only drove the car on "special" occasions. And, yes it will stay in the family as long as I am here. It is supposed to go to my Nephew when my Mom passes, but he is not into cars at the moment. (He's 13). If he does not want it I will buy it from him. @JUSTA6 love that quote. That was my Dad.
  12. This is my Mom's 1966 Grand Prix. (Formally my Dad's). It was the car my Mom & Dad went on their first date in & also their honeymoon. It has a little over 13,000 miles on it. All original. (Except tires and wheels). My Dad was the original owner, and my Mom kept the car when my Dad passed away.
  13. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've checked in here. I have been having a problem with my '69 GTO. When I start the car it idles just fine, but the longer it runs the higher the idle goes. I went to a local show Saturday night (about 20 min away) and by the time I got home the idle was so high I was afraid to drive it into the garage. I just shut the car off as soon as I got in the driveway & pushed it in the garage. The next day I went out and lowered the idle by the screw on the carb & it was fine. Today I went to take it out to see if I solved the problem & once again when I started it it idled fine, but as I drove it slowly started to idle higher. I did not take it for a long drive, so it didn't got too high. Anyone have any guesses as to what could be causing this, and what I can do to remedy the situation. Thanks ahead of time for any help.
  14. Ok that's what I needed to know. It is factory front disc brakes, at least that is what the owner is telling me. He was interested in buying a set of 14 x 7 wheels from me, but we were both unsure if they would fit. Thank You. He was supposed to show up Sat. to buy them, but he was a no show. If he doesn't show then I will know for the next person. Thanks Again. I can always count on this board to come through.
  15. It's been a while, but I have another question. Will the 14" x 7" Rally II wheels fit on a '69 Firebird with factory front disc brakes? If not what will fit. Thanks
  16. No, but I am trying to find out what other "Pontiac Rally" code will work on his drum brake setup. I do have misc. codes so maybe another code will work..........any ideas?
  17. Unfortunatly, He only wanted one wheel, & I didn't want to break up the set. So no sale.
  18. Thank you all for the help. I had someone ask for the 14 x 6 JC code wheels. As far as I can tell they are in good shape, would just have to be sanded & repainted. Just some very minor surface rust. I do know that 14" are hard to sell. I was just looking for a ballpark number. No trim rings or center caps to go with them, just the bare wheels. I will try to get $350 for the set. Thanks Again.
  19. Hi everyone, I was wondering what a decent set of 14 x 6 Pontiac "Rally" wheels would be worth to sell. They are the JC code. Ebay has a set for $500 is that a realistic price to ask? If not what would be a fair price for both me & the buyer? Thanks for any help
  20. Got the new switch, put it in & it works, but I can only push the switch for approx. 20 seconds or it keeps blowing fuses. I do hear the motor both ways. would you say that something is stopping the top from going up, maybe bound up somewhere? I even tried a 30 amp fuse, but it blew that as well. Thanks for any help.
  21. Ok thanks for the info on the bolts. If I cannot get it working by the time I need to winterize it I will put the top up manually. The alignment shop did not recommend to replace anything. I'm fairly sure the would have if anything was needed. They have been around as long as I can remember & I think they would have told me if so. They actually tightened my rearview mirror (which I was going to do when I got home) & told me that my thermostat housing area had a small leak in it. (I put a new gasket on). I still plan on crawling underneath just to check anyway.
  22. Went and got a front end alignment today. It's so much better now. No more drifting from side to side on the road. No more "loose" feeling. It drives almost like a new car. As for the new switch I ordered, it's delayed by two weeks, not in stock. I am so glad I can drive it with confidence now. We'll worry about the top later. Thank You for you're help & advice.
  23. I do have radial tires on the car now, they are just very old. Approx. 10 - 12 yrs. I will look into the Camaro steering box. Yes, I do have power steering. I will check the bushings, ball joints, ect. as well. I will have to check to see if it has a rear sway bar. A friend also suggested to get a front end alignment before getting new tires. Thank You again for all the help & suggestions. Will try to check it out over the weekend, as well as trying the top motor.
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