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  1. Would you suggest putting the blocks under the front or the back to make more room?
  2. I still have plenty of room to put my seat back, but if I do, I’m reaching for the pedals. I have my seat where I want it, I just feel cramped by the wheel. I’m 5’11” so it’s not that I’m short, maybe it just is what it is and I’m Just spoiled by modern cars where you can push the wheel farther away if you need to.
  3. My GTO has an old aftermarket wheel in it that needs replacing. My question is about the depth of steering wheels. When I adjust my seat so I can comfortably reach the pedals, I feel like I'm too close to the wheel, I feel a bit crowded. I'm looking to get the wheel a little farther away from me. Are the Pontiac wheels you can get from OPG or Ames deep or are they on the shallower side? I'm open to a non-Pontiac wheel as well. I attached a pic of the wheel I have now (I know I need to clean up some of my wiring).
  4. When my Dad restored the 66 GTO I'm now the proud owner of, he bought most of his stuff through Ames. I've recently ordered a few small things but plan on ordering some more stuff soon, mainly some front window cranks.
  5. I'd like to convert my 66 GTO over to disc brakes. Does anyone know of a kit that will work with 14" rims? I'm stuck with 14" rims that have brand new tires on them and I don't really want to invest in new rims AND tires before I even get into a brake conversion. I know I could sell them but I can't come up with the funds for tires, rims, the brake kits and paying someone to do the conversion all at the same time. I'm pretty handy but a project that big is a little outside my comfort zone.
  6. Body and engine were done in the early 90's so it's about a 30 year old restoration, but is still in great shape. Engine was freshened up last summer and a Holley Sniper EFI was installed. It has a re-built 400 in it but we still have the original 389 in my Dad's garage. Looking to add disc brakes in the future. Attached is a pre-restoration picture/
  7. I'm the proud owner of a '66 GTO that my father and I restored together when I was a kid. He recently turned the keys over and now it's all mine!
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