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  1. Got the new switch, put it in & it works, but I can only push the switch for approx. 20 seconds or it keeps blowing fuses. I do hear the motor both ways. would you say that something is stopping the top from going up, maybe bound up somewhere? I even tried a 30 amp fuse, but it blew that as well. Thanks for any help.
  2. Ok thanks for the info on the bolts. If I cannot get it working by the time I need to winterize it I will put the top up manually. The alignment shop did not recommend to replace anything. I'm fairly sure the would have if anything was needed. They have been around as long as I can remember & I think they would have told me if so. They actually tightened my rearview mirror (which I was going to do when I got home) & told me that my thermostat housing area had a small leak in it. (I put a new gasket on). I still plan on crawling underneath just to check anyway.
  3. Went and got a front end alignment today. It's so much better now. No more drifting from side to side on the road. No more "loose" feeling. It drives almost like a new car. As for the new switch I ordered, it's delayed by two weeks, not in stock. I am so glad I can drive it with confidence now. We'll worry about the top later. Thank You for you're help & advice.
  4. I do have radial tires on the car now, they are just very old. Approx. 10 - 12 yrs. I will look into the Camaro steering box. Yes, I do have power steering. I will check the bushings, ball joints, ect. as well. I will have to check to see if it has a rear sway bar. A friend also suggested to get a front end alignment before getting new tires. Thank You again for all the help & suggestions. Will try to check it out over the weekend, as well as trying the top motor.
  5. Ok folks, Good news & bad news. Good News first: I took her out for the first drive. (On the street). Ran good, shifted good, brakes are fine. (Just have to get used to manual brakes). Bad news is it was all over the road. Do you think it is the old tires?, or, do you think the steering box is bad? I will be putting new tires on it in the next few weeks. What is the oem steering box ratio? If I read right it is 4 turns lock to lock. I do remember when I got my Camaro up & running it had the same problem, so my mechanic replaced the steering box.
  6. hooked up the toggle switch, did the same thing the original switch was doing. Motor works going down, but not up. I even tried reversing the wires & did not make a difference. My co-workers Dad never showed up.
  7. I can lay on the floor a look up under the dash. I can see where the remote is. It looks like it is clipped in. (I cannot see any screws). It doesn't look like I have to remove any duct work. I can follow all the wires from the remote. I looks like my only problem will be figuring out how to get the rear clip off. I bought a 3-way toggle switch, just to see if I can wire it up to see if I can work the top with that, so that I know for sure it's the switch before I remove it. I probably won't get to it till later next week. Going for a long weekend vacation. Then I a selling at a local car show next weekend. Busy week coming up. I will keep you up to date when a get a chance to work on it.
  8. I tried reversing the wires from the switch to see if I could use the down button to make it go up & nothing. My co-worker's Dad is coming to check it out. (Me & electricity don't get along). He used to work at a Pontiac dealer in the 60's & 70's, so he should know what he's doing. I talked to him & he is 90% sure it is the switch, though. If that is the case, how do I remove the switch?
  9. I pushed the button up for approx. 30 seconds & nothing no motor sound or movement at all. Checked again for leaks, could not see any even moved the back side panels to see if there were any leaks at the lifts & nothing. I unplugged the switch & put a test light & voltmeter on the wire(s) that go to the battery & I got nothing. The leads seem semi-clean. No corrosion. I do not have a power probe. On a good note the car is now in my name, and I should receive the tags in about 2 weeks. So at least I will be able to drive it. (On sunny days). HaHa
  10. Did a little more research on why the top will go down, but not up & it seems the general opinion is that the switch is bad. I pulled the rear seat completely & no leaks that I can see. Should I try a new switch, or do you have any other suggestions? Thanks
  11. I tried the top again. It goes down fine, but will not go up at all. It does not even sound like the motor is working when I push the button to go up, but I can hear it running when it goes down. The fluid in the motor seems like it is full. Do I need to keep the plug out while I cycle the top? I could not add any fluid w/o it over flowing. I did not get a chance top pull the seat. (It's been raining all day).
  12. Ok, good to know about the new switches. It does work, just have to "play" with it a little. I will try to pull the seat over the weekend & see if I have any fluid leak. I know when I put the carpet in there was no leak, but it was also dry. I did not bleed it yet, I was cleaning my oil can out, so I can use it to fill the motor. Thanks again, you are a lot of help.
  13. I think it was a clean rag, someone told me that it just got moisture underneath it & caused it. I will see what happens after a good waxing. Thanks
  14. Thanks, I think I will try Meguiers carnuba wax. It is an old paint job & there are a few scratches & blemishes in the paint. I do like a "shiny" car. On another note, someone left a towel lay on the fender over the winter & the paint faded & slightly "blistered". (You can only see it if you get really close). Is there a way to buff that out or will I have to get it repainted? Thanks for the tips.
  15. Cycled the top a few times. It stopped mid cycle two or three times. Had to play with the switch to get it to work. The more I used the up/down switch the hotter it got, to the point that I could no longer touch it. Do you think the switch is going bad, or possibly a bad connection somewhere? This convertible top sure is fighting me. HaHa, but I'm sure with you're help I will win in the end.
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