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  1. I'm about to install a new cam in my '69, 350, my question is regarding priming the oil system. I hear of people spinning the pump using an old disassembled dist. housing and shaft. I guess heres the question; can you just make a rod with an end that will fit into the pump shaft and use a drill? Or do I need that dist. housing to seat into the block in order to get a prime throughout the valvetrain?
  2. Newby here..

    Yeah you'll hear from me from more than less me thinks. Its a 350 block switched over to a 4bbl.QJ, I'm about to install a smaller cam than the one I put in 30yrs ago. (way to bumpy) Funny thing here, when I started the grillwork project , I just bought a tool cage panel but in hindsight I could of cut diagonally to get the diamond look Brilliant
  3. Newby here..

    Hey gang, a newby here, but have been a Poncho guy for close to 40 yrs. now. I put a 69 Tempest Custom S to bed about 30 yrs ago and never touched until now. It needs alot of work but now that the kids are gone it time to wake her up again. You'll be seeing more from me asking for advise. Thanks for the invite btw. PS please don't bash the square headlights setup. I'm a welder and fabricated them from a 99 sunbird. I like the design but trying to figure out a decent grill design, maybe a floating tubular grill. I have the original headlight buckets and may go back to that but would need original grill pieces.
  4. Welcome to Forever Pontiac Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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