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  1. 1968 bonneville with a 428 distributor is stuck wont turn wont move car sat for 30 years re routed the plug wires and the engine almost started how do i get the distributor un stuck thank you for any help😟
  2. original owner started rebuild never finished the empty boxes were in the trunk erson cam 308 480/480 holley quadrajet ram air exauhst manifolds 390 hp stock thats what pontiac says 100 more should get her in the 12s . today a chevy guy told me rust is ugly saving a 68 pontiac from the crusher is a beautiful thing
  3. Get running and drive the hell out of whole lotta Rosie that's what I named her the goal is rat rod that runs mid 12s
  4. Thank you for the wisdom switch is bad I used a bump switch. DiStributor is stuck or rust is the problem engine turns over and pops
  5. i just bought a 1968 bonneville that has been sitting for 30 years has the original 428 th400 motor is not locked up i turned the crank with a socket and wrench before i handed over 500$ put a battery in all the lights and things work the engine wont turn over or try to crank turn the key nothing happens do i run wires from battery straight to the starter??what could be the problem.??thank you for any wisdom that helps😟
  6. i bought the intake and carb thanks for the homework you did for me.when i pulled the intake off i thought about headers like you said i got hedman block huggers they look somewhat stock then then the bad thought more cam i swiched to 304 duration 480 480 this time idid somthing wrong with the timing both gears are at 12 and godzilla will not start. what steps did i miss?? the first time i borrowed a haynes manual that covered 73 lemans. i didnt think i needed it this time. i dont want to be the guy who killed a 73 lemans. i f@cked up the timing
  7. where ar these swap meets here in georgia all the swap meets are full of chevy parts when you find some pontiac parts you need the price doesnt include a reach around. i heard about a all second gen firebird junkyard in tennese. 300 miles from atlanta.
  8. thank you for the info. i started out with 10,500$. 1973 lemans 2500$ parts from summit 300$ slightly used firestone wide ovals 200$ at a flea market. godzilla runs real good now. on the bottom end the holley two barrel didnt help the top end like i thought it would. what is best eldebrock and holley four barrel or iron and quadrajet. do i change the 3.08 posi the original owner had put in for 3.23 ? 3.55? the goal is go to the track an beat the snot out of my next door neighbors 1970 camaro SS396 that runs 13.60 @104
  9. my lemans has the original stock 400 two barrel im changing the cam im using a summit performance cam 268 duration 420/442 and a holley 500 cfm two barrel and sealed power timing set. and dynomax super turbo mufflers. last summer mobile dyno at atlanta dragway said 205 horses dont remember what the tork was i ran 16.25 88 mph power increase from parts combo.estimated 1/4 et any answers would be awsome thank you. i named my lemans godzilla is that okay?
  10. block is a 400 heads are number 4h/4x 7:6:1 compression the heads i want to swap on are are 1968 number 15 heads 10:5:1 compression
  11. i have a base 1973 lemans not sure if engine is 350 or 400 has 2 barrel carb will 1968 2 barrel heads equal more horsepower mobile dyno at atlanta dragway said 224hp 375tq
  12. thanks for the help the 301 intake and a mid 60s carter 4 barrel were free i was trying to save a few bucks im trying to restore a 1973 base lemans original 400 2 barrel auto on the colum 79,000 miles runs great smokin deal for 2,500$ im trying to restore my lemans with a 14,000$ budget i want to look good at the a&w on friday night and run high 12s at atlanta dragway. i am new to pontiac. my 85 thunderbird turbocoupe got sent to muscle car heaven by a dump truck
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