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  1. pontiac heads

    block is a 400 heads are number 4h/4x 7:6:1 compression the heads i want to swap on are are 1968 number 15 heads 10:5:1 compression
  2. pontiac heads

    i have a base 1973 lemans not sure if engine is 350 or 400 has 2 barrel carb will 1968 2 barrel heads equal more horsepower mobile dyno at atlanta dragway said 224hp 375tq
  3. 301 intake manifold

    thanks for the help the 301 intake and a mid 60s carter 4 barrel were free i was trying to save a few bucks im trying to restore a 1973 base lemans original 400 2 barrel auto on the colum 79,000 miles runs great smokin deal for 2,500$ im trying to restore my lemans with a 14,000$ budget i want to look good at the a&w on friday night and run high 12s at atlanta dragway. i am new to pontiac. my 85 thunderbird turbocoupe got sent to muscle car heaven by a dump truck
  4. 301 intake manifold

  5. 301 intake manifold

    will the 4 barrel intake manifold from a 1979 301 fit a pontiac 350 or 400?
  6. sending photos

    how do I get a photo of my 1973 Pontiac lemans on my profile
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