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  1. yes sir, weird, huh? and no cruise only payed $800 they had it rust proofed every year too. It has an alarm and remote start.
  2. tiybe


  3. tiybe


  4. tiybe


  5. My vision complete. Got this 2002 Sunfire last fall. It has 145,ooo km It had a bit of rust around the gas filler like they all do, and also had some rust at the antenna. I decided to do away with the antenna completely. I just have it in the trunk and it works fine. So instead of just painting that panel the original colour. I came up with this sceam. The stripes on the front are from what I had seen on a corvette at a car show, I also did highlights on the inside, and put in a nice stereo system, complete with sub . What do you all think?
  6. tiybe


  7. Update on my Sunfire. Fix up all the rust, and gave it a new colour scheme. Also installed a high end music system. Now I can FEEL the music LOL 




  8. tiybe

    Forever Pontiac Member's Photos

    Here's me with my bestist bud.
  9. tiybe

    Gas Mileage

    True,True. Next I'm going to replace the O2 sensor
  10. tiybe

    Gas Mileage

    Well, after adding additive and changing the spark plugs, two of which, had no diode left, am now getting 15 more km. from a fill up.
  11. tiybe


    Thanks ☺
  12. Hi there, here's my 79 parisienne I once had. It only had 75,000K was mint , untill I got it. Only drove it for about 3 weeks :(


  13. Cool, hope I win one
  14. tiybe


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