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  1. Forever Pontiac Member's Photos

    Here's me with my bestist bud.
  2. Gas Mileage

    Are there any idea's on how to get better gas mileage from a 2003 Pontiac Sunfire? Thanks
  3. Gas Mileage

    True,True. Next I'm going to replace the O2 sensor
  4. Gas Mileage

    Well, after adding additive and changing the spark plugs, two of which, had no diode left, am now getting 15 more km. from a fill up.
  5. Hello

    Hi everyone. Just joined.
  6. Hello

    Thanks ☺
  7. Hi there, here's my 79 parisienne I once had. It only had 75,000K was mint , untill I got it. Only drove it for about 3 weeks :(


  8. Cool, hope I win one
  9. tyler

  10. WIN-20150805-19-19-24-Pro.jpg

    From the album tyler

  11. WIN-20150805-19-20-07-Pro.jpg

    From the album tyler

  12. Gas Mileage

    well, I got me some of this. Hopefully it helps Thanks ☺
  13. Gas Mileage

    Hey, I thought some new tires might help
  14. Gas Mileage

    400KM per fill up
  15. Gas Mileage

    Thanks for taking the time to explain, understood 👍👊
  16. Gas Mileage

    Realy eh? Yea I think my 1988 Caprice gets better gas mileage
  17. 20160807_120059.jpg

    From the album tyler

  18. car show 20160805-120936.jpg

    From the album tyler

  19. Gas Mileage

    Thank you sir, car seems to be running fine. I've heard from plenty of people that these cars don't really get great gas milage, even when new.
  20. Hello

    Thanks guys. Just got this car a few months ago, so far, seems like an awesome car. Have to fix up some rust issue's once spring time comes. Also going to modify the look a bit I just wish it would get better gas milage. LUV the front end of these car's .
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