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  1. Pulling the fuse only disables the passenger side airbag. And I do want to keep the automatic "dark outside headlights". But all I've read online is that when u disable the DRL's baby grounding the wires it also disables the auto lights as well. Wondering if anyone here knows of a tip on how to disable the DRL's without disabling auto lights.
  2. Anyone here know of a way to disable the DRL's on a 07 vibe but without killing the automatic headlights. Planning on possibly installing HID's and wouldline to keep the automatic headlights feature. Or is the only option for this vehicle to disable both as one unit? Any advice welcomed.Thanks
  3. just washed her last week but all the tree sap ruined that. so i gave her another wash, vacuum, and shine yesterday
  4. I have thought about the swap, the only thing in my way is the lack of money and also the fact that i would to start rebuilding the motor but if i do im left without transportation since i only have this car at the moment. I need a second vehicle before i start taking apart my current one. And as for the HID's...they are temp. 8000K and yes, i did disable the DRL's before installing them.
  5. Hi, im Frank and obviously im also new to Forever Pontiac. I used to be on a Pontiac Vibe Forum but ever since i had to part with her i haven't found a place elsewhere to go until i stubbled upon this website. I have loved Pontiacs since i was a kid. I now own a 2002 Silver Sunfire SE, 4-door, 2.2L OHV which i have named Kira. Below should be some pics of her (if i uploaded correctly). I bought her in a small, sad little car lot and she ran horrible...but i still bought her having to decided between the low mileage, decent running Chevy Cavalier or the high mileage, struggling Sunfire. I obviouly went with the Sunfire for i already felt a connection when i saw her and of course my love for Pontiac. I have seen then gave her the much need tune up and worn parts replacement she need and now she runs great. I bought her with 136,000 miles and now she has 203,000 miles. I plan to keep on upgrade her as much as i can but for now i plan not to do any major body mods since i want to keep her looking like her original body but i will do little tweaks to her style to keep her original to me from other sunfires.
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