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  1. Best wishes. It sure is a clean old car.
  2. Nice car. I'll bet the thing pulls like crazy. I had a 1995 Formula with an LT-1 and had the same problem with the windows going up slow or not at all. I replaced one motor only to find out that the counter balance spring on the regulator was unspring. The new regs use a different design than the original and do a better job of placing the window in the up position and retaining the CB spring. Another common issues in these cars is an ABS light. If you have this light the most common cause is the front hub bearings. I recommend you replace the hubs when you do the tires. PS make sure the hubs have american bearings the Chineese ones are garbage.
  3. http://s1267.photobucket.com/albums/jj548/Bill_Holland/
  4. Its all about the show and go. Talk is cheap.
  5. Can't figure out how to post pics and yes I work a Carley
  6. I own a gold 1978 Trans Am from CA. It has a black interior and the WS-6 option. I have removed the body side moldings and changed to the non-appearance weatherstrip on the windows. I also removed all of the original clear from the T-top end crome, polished it, and cleared it anew to remove the blue hue and cracks from the 1978 clear. I am in the process of learning how to paint using the car. Body work is not as easy as it looks, learning it takes lots of practice, and doing it well requires too much patience. Um gonna finish the jambs and take it to a professional. I replaced the factory engine and transmission wirh a SD455 and 200-4R (4-speed AOD) from a Grand National and added a set of Doug's headers. Still using the factory rear with 3:23 I think, I have yet to pace the car and the tranny is set up for a 3:90 gear. It seems no matter how slow I go um passing everybody. Imagine that from a Pontiac? I have replaced all steering and suspension components, body bushings, and converted to 1970 style 455 motor mounts. I installed a nut on the front hole of the left rear spring front mount bracket. This nut appears to have been missing from the factory. I found the problem while replacing the rear springs. If this bolt is missing and you up the HP, the extra torque will bend and eventually break the body. This may also be the cause of the flying T-top tale, just to be sure I will Install frame connectors before the car goes to paint. The engine, tranny, allum rad, and other such goodies were in a 1973 Luxury LeMans I purchased in 1998. I worked on the car with a departed buddy before he broke his back working on it. After a couple of years he got his back fixed and announced that he was ready to sell and I crapped the cash as fast as I could. I drove the car daily until 2003. In 2004, the chassis had rust all over the top of the car so I garaged it, stripped of its goodies, and sent it to the crusher.
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