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  1. 2013 Woodbury Lions Car Show In the past there have been a few from here who have showed up. Benefits the local Woodbury Lions club. Anywhere from 200 to 400+ cars show up every year at this show that's held at Hollow Park in Woodbury. A class with 50+ Corvettes from all generations, in addition to tons of antique and classic cars, including a production class with all of today's modern muscle. $15 donation to enter your car. $5 to spectate, $1 for kids. Tents set up serving Food (Dogs, Burgers, popcorn, pretzels etc) as well as Beer, Soda and Coffee. Sunday June 2nd 2013 Gates open for car entry at 9am, show starts at 10am. Judging starts at Noon, awards by 3pm. Trophy's for each class. In the past, if there is a threat of rain late in the afternoon judging and such will be done earlier. Bring the family! Have fun! Directions from East: I-84 Exit 17. Follow Route 64 through Middlebury to Woodbury. Take a right onto Route 6. Approximately Half Mile later take left onto Hollow Rd. Directions from West: I-84 Exit 15: Take left off exit. Follow Route 6 through Southbury to Woodbury (Approximately 4.5 miles), then take left onto Hollow Rd. Google Maps Link http://goo.gl/maps/QETsb
  2. Thanks . However I'm not a fan of huge wheels. Anything over 18" looks to big for me. Even the stock G8 19" wheels are iffy for me. I'm stuck right now actually. I have my winter tires on, Moda MD17 Black rims with 235/55/17 Blizzaks on it. (Love them...). I have the stock 18" rims with junky Eagle RSA tires on them. I have no intention of putting those tires back on the car except to road them. Downright dangerous in the rain. Im going to get new tires for summer only in the spring. However I kinda want to go staggered. Find some 9" deep in the rear and do like 285's or something vs the stock 8" deep 245's. Keep stock 245 8" deep in the front. I just to look up and see what fits in the rear.
  3. Well well. Lets see. Since then NGK TR6IX plugs, MSD wires. Vararam RAM-Air intake. BMR strut tower bar. Finished the LED mod, interior and exterior is 100% LED (Minus the front turn signals and HID's). Just installed DBA 4000SX Gold Slotted + Drilled rotors and hawk pads. Yep.
  4. Nice. Two GTO couples I know actually ended up getting one as a DD, both just had kids lol.
  5. Got it for a hair under $25k. I got $11k for the GTO, which is on the low end of KBB trade in range but considering it needed paint and other stuff understandable. G8's are holden (see what I did there ^^) their value well. You cant find a 2009 for anything bellow $23k private even really. Had 53k miles. Was another 2009 that was $24k, blue, with only 30,000mi near me but it had been modded, and VIS wasnt as clean, and over hour and a half from me so I passed. Lets do it! What week? I have class, im a FORDing mess Monday-Thursday, but any other night after 6pm or a Sunday I can meet up. Friday nights theres a car show every night in Newington.. only like 30+ Minutes from the Mass border, 45 in traffic. lol
  6. 2009 G8 GT. L76. Premium Package (Leather, bunch of little extras). Got it with 53,500mi. Traded GTO. Still miss GTO's manual.... Only real regret. GTO was leaking more oil every month, rear main seal was bad and tranny was coated. Needed paint/body work from scratches I put on it, and clearcoat was peeling where prev owner had it cheaply repainted. Rust spots on hood, and one on roof. Kicker was the rear diff making noises, make it sound like a truck over 50mph, and fluid change didn't help. Parents didn't want me having two spots in *their* driveway, likewise couldn't afford insurance for a second vehicle for a DD, and cash to fix the GTO up at same time, would have just sat for years, so figure it was time to part. Once G8 is paid for in 2-3 years hopefully I can hopefully have the money then to revisit GTO's. Pictures. Need to do a good photoshoot still these are quick ones I've got with phone... My nephew approves of the G8.. he hugged it and went "awww" lol. First mod, day after I got it. TCM and ECM. (Custom tune not a stock Diablosport canned tune... Whats neat about TCM is I left normal mode stock. Only changed Sport mode so it shifts into higher gears quicker in normal for gas, and kick it in Sport mode when I want to. THen of course theres manual mode. Still in process of fine tuning the tune. When done should be 20-30hp bump since stock GT takes 87.. this is for 93.. also disabled DoD / AFM for now. Then 6000K LED license plate lights..One shots for comparison Then 6000K LED Fogs (5 Watters, equivalent of the stock halogen and then some). One shots for comparison. Then 6000K LED 5watt CREE reverse lights. Classy. (Yes that's a 30th you can spot the wheel of in the garage..) I have 6000K LED H11 bulbs I was going to see if they were bright enough to use as low beams. (Since the LED fogs I got are actually like brighter than my stock lows now) but it wont fit into the opening (The bulb is too big). Either way I have 6000K HID kit I just got the other day I have to put in. I also have Bluetooth VCIM and Atari Gauge and Harness getting reprogrammed by Chris...Will add factory Bluetooth. All in all busy three weeks. Needs performance mods next. Tires will be first. Tires it came with are shit. Worn, I got them to give me $300 off list price because of that. I might just jump the gun and buy a set of Winter Blizzak's early since these handle like poo in rain. (Going from the GTO which had good tires and a good prob 50-60+hp and torque on this, the G8 is much much harder to drive in the rain with these tires...) Post all the pictures!! Went through and took a few hours to clean it up right Friday. Turtle Magic Color wax and scratch touch up, and waxed the wheels, and cleaned up every interior surface and glass. Shiny. I was going to install my DDM 6000K HID's but after 4 hours in humid 90F, some of it in the sun, I was done. Maybe today after work or Sunday.
  7. Okay I lied it was the Constelation Class Joe put in a while ago that exceeded the forms max character length for trim Still have the group thing. I think you have that locked down though cant leave group
  8. It wont let me change it either Some uneditable field. Whenever I try to set it it says exceeds something allowed
  9. To much game loss? Dangit I'm still "Woman of FP" group
  10. Wow. Sucks about getting whacked but at least you're getting some good new parts and such out of it.
  11. Sold! Sold it to a buddy on my Black Ops clan.
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