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  1. HI Jim, I also have a '68 Verdoro Green GTO that has had a complete exterior restoration. Now I'm starting on the interior where my gauges are so cloudy and dark I can't read any of them and would like to change out the whole cluster as well. So, I'd love to see the answer too. I have several great cars (including a fully restored and modified '72 De Tomaso Panntera, but the '68 goat in Verdoro Green is my favorite design of all time.
  2. Just beautiful. I'm envious.
  3. During the restoration, the shop misplaced a number of things that I reordered. Along the way, however, they found a lot of those pieces. One was the hood tach. I ordered a new one, had it painted (Verdoro Green) but never installed it because they found my original. I also replaced the original Rallye wheels with larger wheels after we added disc brakes all around. If anyone could use these parts, I will be more than happy to donate them. The wheels I would prefer to have picked up rathern than ship, and I'm in Los Angeles. The tach I can box and ship. If there is any interest, let me
  4. Thanks for all of the comments, guys. There are still some things to do. For instance, the steering wheel is old, cracked, and put on upside down, so I will probably want to replace. The dash gauges are so cloudy you can barely see through them, and the labeling on the vent levers is gone. The transmission shifting is clunky, and although I don't expect miracles in the ride/handling of this behemoth (especially in light of how incredible my daily driver Jag XKR is or my Pantera is), I will have to address the big floatiness of the GTO at some point. But, I never expected it to be lithe an
  5. She's home! Some additional things to do to the interior but I can stare
  6. It is alive! And on the way home. Registration wasn't complete, so we decided to tow back to the house but it was driven on to the truck. Motor is loud, color is gorgeous, stance is wonderful! More photos when we unload.
  7. Thanks to everyone who has been patiently waiting to see this too long anticipated car. I am just going out the door to go get her right now, camera in hand for the reunion! Pictures in a little while.
  9. When the 1968 Pontiac GTO was unveiled, I was a 15 year old kid just starting high school. I was smitten by the whole look, the Endura bumper the hidden headlights, the hood scoops, the big engine, ALL OF IT. High school was easy and boring, and I would spend the time in class drawing crude pictures of it. I always knew that someday I would have to have one. And the Verduro Green color was what I wanted. About ten years ago, I finally bought one for a very reasonable price, but it didn't have hidden headlights which were a must for me. I did some research, and found that there was a guy
  10. Ultimately, I have the last laugh as they are trying to buy my property to expand their operation, so the costs of the restoration have already been added to the price tag.
  11. Still no car, however, yesterday's update was that the only remaining issue is waiting for the delivery of the windshield wiper motor. Apparently the oil pressure issue (I believe was an electrical problem not really an oil pressure problem), the hidden headlights problem, the cleanup problem and the missing badges problem have been completed. So, I believe we're close.
  12. Wrongway, Thanks for your empathy, I want to bring it home so badly. On the good side, I received my Ram Air kit last night, so I'll get to put that on myself. And when I had my Pantera restored and modified at another shop, it took four years and dozens of postponements and disappointments. It seems to be par for the course. I'm sure I'll have the GTO back in the next couple of days. Thanks again.
  13. 64 kiwi boni, I had certainly wanted to, and if there had been oil pressure showing, I would have. But I was on a tight schedule yesterday, and in fact, all of this week, and I didn't have time to wait around for a tow truck At that point I reached out to the owner of the shop who just had open heart surgery last Monday, just to tell him how disappointed and unprofessional I thought his manager was in giving me back the car in this condition. He insisted he wanted to take care of it, so I left the car. My reunion will just have to be postponed a few more days.
  14. Another frustrating attempt to pick up the GTO. I got there and buffing powder in every nook and cranny, hood doesn't close properly and needs adjustment, hidden headlights don't work, hood tachometer isn't functioning (even though I asked them if it had been tested and they said it was working), started the car and the oil pressure gauge read zero and did not move, shifter plate was missing (although we found it in the car afterwards), rear trunk GTO emblem missing. I called the owner of the shop (who is attempting to buy the property he leases from me) and told him I was highly disappointe
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