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  1. Guilty as charged. Except for 2016 & 17, while the car was being restored, I’ve driven in it every year. it hasn’t been too scary in recent years as it was in the early days. A lot of “burn outs” & just plain stupid driving took place when the Cruise first started.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. I still remember the car a friend of bought that got hooked on Pontiacs. It was a ‘63 Grand Prix, burgundy metallic, with a white interior, & had a 389 tri-power with a 4 sod manual transmission. If they built one like that today, my order would be in right now! The problem, as usual, is MONEY. It would cost the manufacturer a bundle to set op to produce that car, & much as many of us would like to see them again, it is doubtful they’d sell enough of them to make a profit. It’s also doubtful they could even market such a car without loading them down with a t
  3. Glad to find another Catalina lover out there. I still enjoy every minute I spend behind the wheel, especially on Dream Cruise Weekend.
  4. A big "hello" to all my fellow Pontiac lovers. I'm new to the forum, but a long time Pontiac owner & enthusiast. My own ride is a '66 Catalina drop top that has been in my family since purchased by my mother, new in June of '66. The car was driven by her for 10 years, (yes, sadly, including winter), then purchased by me in late '75. it has NOT been winter driven for the last 45 years, and my youngest son & i did a reasonably complete restoration on it during 2016 & 2017. I'll be posting some photos of the restoration project in the near future, in case anyone is interested. The c
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