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  1. Hi, I want one of those shirts to wear to work
  2. Got my car back yesterday. It costs me 30$. My mechanic friend and his wife was not home. He left the key in the car for me to pick it up. I'm not sure what he did. No loud sound from exhaust anymore. I guess it's a temporary fix until i can change the whole exhaust line. I will have to do it eventually. On another note. How does it cost at a corner garage to replace the spark plugs and cables. My car is 260 000 and i'm not sure if it has ever been done.
  3. You're right about having my friend check the car fist. It was my first car. I always wanted a Pontiac. The tv show Knight rider made me fall in love with cars and Pontiac brand. That dealership is not too keen on letting buyer test drive the cars. They do no credit check. I live in a place where there is a lot of proverty and social welfare. A lot of people buy their car their. I've paid 3000$ something for mine. I cant imagine what the car he sells for 900$ look like. Yes i will ask my friend if he could install a whole exhaust system. Buying on ebay would defenetively be chea
  4. Hi, I drove the car to a friend's house. He's a mechanic and will have a look at it. The undercarriage is really rusty. I'm not surprised to have an exhaust leak. If it's a pipe he will wield a piece of metal over the holde. I called a local garage to know how much it costs to replace the whole line. They told me about 850$ to replace the whole exhaust system. It's not that bad. My friend will probably fix it temporaly until i can get everything replacedd. I can't believe that a local used car dealer can sell cars that unsafe to drive. I had to replace the water pump,intake man
  5. Hi, Starting today i have a big loud vibrating noise coming from the motor while starting the motor. It sounds like an engine reving. I know it's not the wheel bering because the noise happen when the car is in the park position. The more i accelerate while driving the louder the noise/vibration gets. It gets to the point where you can't hear youself talking. A made short video of me starting my car and driving in my drive way. there'S no light on in the dash Maybe you can help me know what is it
  6. Hi, I don't know if it's a temperature thing. The car always starts fine but sometime while driving the security light will comes on. It does not affect the car. When i turn off the car and restart the car the security light is off. Sometime the security light will comes on while the car is on idle like this morning. We had freezing rain last night. I had to let the car run on idle with the heater on to defross my car windows. The security light came on. I hope i don't have to remplace the starter as i just had my keys serviced on the recall. Another thing i don't know if you can se
  7. Thanks a lot I wonder if i can remove the hub in the middle of my rims to put the pontiac logo. I know there is some chrome rims with the pontiac logo on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/16-Chrome-Alloy-Rim-Pontiac-Grand-Am-1999-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-/112295323090?hash=item1a2552a5d2:g:QNYAAOSw4DJYmS9z&vxp=mtr
  8. Hi For those who have a 2001 Pontiac grand am gt. Did you car come originallly with Pontiac Hubcaps ? I'm trying to restore the car as stock as possible. Im thinkin about ordering some hubcaps for my car. There seems to be a place to put them on my rims. I like to keep car as stock as possible. I don't like "useless" body modification like smokey headlights,rims,fart can muffler I'm sorry to always disturb you
  9. I've found what is it. It's the exhaust valve. It's like 55$ for a new one.
  10. Hi, Looking at my grand am motor, i saw a piece that is really rusty. I'm not sure what is it. Could it be part of the fuel line. I know the fuel line needs to be remplaced. I don't know how it got rusty snow and salt don't get into the motor. It makes me wonder if this car was every parked in a very humid garage. I like working on this project. It makes me learn about mechanic. I'm turning into a car nuts.
  11. Hi, It could be a toyota corolla sr5 1977. It also could be an AMC Eagle or an AMC Concorde. I'm not sure. Thanks a lot. I thought the car was kind of crazy cool looking. It's from this video
  12. Hi, I was wondering if you could help me identify a car. The pic is blurry. It comes from a youtube video. The car was part of a tv special called "Believe you can and you can" in 1983
  13. I'm curious does SE stands for Sedan or Special Edition ?
  14. Hi, Mine has a sunroof too. What i like about this car is that it turns heads on the road. Not many of those still around on the road.
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