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  1. Too soon to tell. He was just being an aggressive driver. It's pretty common for guys in lifted trucks around here to act like they are hot snot.
  2. I'll live but I can't pick up my 1 year old. How do you tell a 1 year old that you want to hold him but can't?
  3. And the Bonnie is dead. Head on collision with a lifted truck who was attempting to pass a big rig illegally. Not only did he total my car and mess me up pretty bad, but it almost caused the semi to take our a school bus. Overall we were all pretty lucky considering the circumstances.
  4. I still haven't fixed this but I had them pull the codes. I'll post it and see if anyone can advise.
  5. Looks like it may be the fan or the resistor. Anyone know why the resistor is 100$
  6. Yuck, 90* and no air. Then I get stuck in construction traffic so no wind.
  7. I haven't put in more coolant yet because I realized that it would "blow" ice cold with the exterior button on and the sun roof cracked. Looks like it has to be a fan. There was a ticking from the passenger dash.
  8. Put down the glue stick and back away from the car.
  9. It seems to work intermittently and only weakly. Sometimes it will stay off for most of a trip the just slowly turn on an hour later.
  10. Good to know. Seems like the air conditioner is acting up. Is this common?
  11. Plan on it. But not yet. Clear coat? Suggestions?
  12. How much are they. Website says fill out for a quote.
  13. Swapped the coolant elbows for metal ones, removed outside onstar. Now I need to tint it. I wish I could lower it a little.
  14. Just found a supercharged 3800 with trans for $650 locally.
  15. Yeah, heck of a cruiser. Highway flyer. I'm putting so much interstate under this Pontiac it's scary. 1000 miles a week for the last 8 months.
  16. Not the best backdrop but at least you can tell that the wheels are chrome.
  17. Dirty (very dirty) and yellowed fogged headlights. Cleaned it up and buffed the lights. New pictures soon.
  18. Looks good. I hope to get my Bonnie looking that good. I really need to finish the onstar removal.
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