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  1. Haha, not sure what's next. DoD does seem to net me better MPG on my drives, so it might stay for now...
  2. Hey guys, been a while since I've been on. Been busy with life, school and work. But, this week I made a big change in my Pontiac life, so I figured I'd check in and see what was up, and share with you guys! I sold my 03 SSEi last Thursday with 203,000 miles. Then, Monday, I picked up this beauty: DSC03726 DSC03725 DSC03722 DSC03718 DSC03713 DSC03712 DSC03709 DSC03705 DSC03704 DSC03702 DSC03700 DSC03696 DSC03695 DSC03693 DSC03692 DSC03691 DSC03687 DSC03682 2009.1 G8 GT. Panther Black, L76/6L80E, Onyx/Red Interior. Came with a RotoFab and Pypes Axlebacks already on it. Car seems mechanically and physically in great shape, just needs a good detailing and some minor maintenance. 70k miles, already put 800 miles on this week... Next steps are selling the 19" blizzaks that came on it, getting 17" wheels that fit to go on my current snows and fit the G8 bolt pattern. Then upgrade the speakers, then probably a tuner.
  3. The car is nice, but I hate the wheel poke and all that "euro" crap. Tires are supposed to be wider than the wheels...
  4. Links are white in chat. Is that a setting? Almost impossible to see.
  5. If you DIY Mike, you know it's done how you want it. And yes, having easy access to a lift is an amazing thing. Dad agrees that it's been a great investment.
  6. LOL. Couple people on Bonneville Club have duals, and I still don't get the point, really...
  7. I hope you're planning on an Aeroforce Scan Gauge for that pod. Best mod I've done, and I've done a good number of mods.
  8. Gotcha, yeah. They just swapped the chain and gears then Good luck with everything, I'm keeping my eye on this thread. Let me know if you need anything.
  9. Was the trans originally in a GT? Because the GTP's had 3.29 gears that were underdriven to reach a 2.93 ratio. If it truly has GT gears, it will have the weaker differential, yet the 1:1 drive chain, and you'll need a new axle on that side. I'd have the trans shop inspect/swap your differential and gears, if that is indeed the case. Your tune makes sense, lol. I did forget about that. Just trying to help you make sure your mods make sense.
  10. Nice Car!! You said that trans has the GT 3.29? Does that mean it was converted to a non-HD diff? Or do you mean it had the chain changed to 35/35 to make a 3.29 FDR? Also, what heat range are the plugs you put in? IMHO those E3's are a waste of money. A spark plug cannot make more power, no matter what goofy design it has. You want the heat range to be comparable to the Autolite 104. What exhaust mods have you done? Before stepping down the pulley, get headers or at least a down-pipe and get rid of that damn u-bend, and get a high-flow cat. Your custom tune should come AFTER all of this, otherwise you're not making the most of your mods. I hope this helps. Not trying to shoot you down, but just throwing stuff at a car is going to lead to an empty wallet and a car that isn't what you want.
  11. Do you mean the SE bumper? The 00-04 SLE had the same bumper as the SSEi, and the 05 SLE got the GXP bumper. IMHO, GXP Fascia > SSEi/SLE > SE. I just tinted the tails, you can't really see the orange anymore. I am working on another set that will be cleared, though. Just removing the amber lenses from the corners and center-section.
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