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What happens when you work from home :lol: . I put probably 75 to 100 miles on it during the weekends though.

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Amateur. I put more miles than that on my Colorado a day!

You're like my wife, who doesn't have to commute either. I can't imagine what it would be like if she had to actually get up before 7:30 or 8:00 am, shower, get dressed, drive to and from work each day, and have to interact with people face-to-face every day. Sometimes I think she'd have a melt down.

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I definitely know I can't handle waking up early, getting ready and then hitting the road for work again. Since I started working from home the past 5 years, I wake up only 10 min before I start working. Enough to get coffee, breakfast and start the day :lol:

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Don't get me wrong, it's a great gig while it lasts. However, I know a lot of companies are trying to cut back on telecommuting and trying to get people back to the office for more "team building" / direct interaction reasons. 

I just get tired of getting up at 5:00 am, getting home at 6:00 pm every day and I occasionally find my wife either in bed or on the sofa napping. She had a long hard day. Sometimes I find it hard to be sympathetic. 

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Yeah, I know GM is actually a company that really went that way. A while ago, maybe 6 years or so, before I landed my current job I interviewed with them and they started off with saying telecommute would be possible then got more along in the process and it came down from corporate it's a no-go because they're moving away from telecommuting. Happy it didn't work out though, happy where I am now.

Ironically, I feel more connected now to my colleagues than I did when I worked in the same office. There are a lot of us that are remote so we do a good chunk of virtual meetings (webcam and such) and then travel at least 4 times (last 2 years it's been 10) a year for face-to-face time. Usually those trips are about a week or 2 long.

I also find I get drawn in to my work when working from home than I did in an office. Can easily turn 10-14 hour days at home if I'm not careful. My girlfriend really did not believe me that it really is that easy till she moved in with me.

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One nice thing about telecommuting is you stay out of the office gossip for the most part. Some is inevitable.

I was at GM when the started to reverse the telecommute policy (HP soon followed suit). They lost a lot of good people. Their global incident manager lived in Minnesota (no GM facilities there). He was on every outage call in the company worldwide. In 2016, they said he had to move to Warren Michigan just to keep his job (no relocation either). He said no, they terminated him.

In my wife's case, her team is scatter all over the US with a lot located near Herdon VA. Still the company does not pay her to visit her team members. So she has never met her team face-to-face unless they live in Michigan.

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Guess if you’re gonna make it a thing have to do it to anyone and everyone. That’s a bummer. 

Definitely am lucky, they make a point of us getting together. Get flown out, put up in nice hotels and quality food and drink. Definitely can’t complain. Think that does translate into me not caring if I put in 10-14 hour days so pays off for them lol

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She is on call 24 x 7. So she can put in those sort of hours if she has to. Me, I'm a IT project manager. My programer, data center manager, and operations days are over. I work 40 hours a week unless I have an implementation going on.

Still I do like the fact that I have meetings in different buildings around the capital. I have a chance to get up and walk a bit each day. It beats sitting in the same chair all day. My wife complains about that. It's definitely helping rehab my knee.

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Yikes, yeah on call 24/7 blows. Sympathy for her. Technically, I am but limited times I've been called, outside of a release schedule.

That must be at least an interesting part, walk around different buildings. Walking around the same building gets boring 😛 .

I also have a smart watch which will buzz if I'm sitting for more than 45 minutes so I get up and walk around. However, when you're on a webcam meeting that is multiple hours, that doesn't help :lol:  but I go for runs or the gym during lunch so it levels out.

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I have the "Health" app on my iPhone. It said I walked 2 miles yesterday. Somehow I don't quite believe it, even though I walked back and forth between the same two buildings twice yesterday. Still I do enjoy getting up and walking around a bit. It certain breaks up the monotony of staring at the same 4 walls all day.

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I would agree and think the iPhone does not calculate those things correctly or it double counts a few steps when in your pocket :lol: .

Definitely agree. Good to get out of your workspace for a bit.

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