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  1. I bet your happy to get that done. I remember seeing a post on this when you started it. All in all good job.
  2. The tails look good but I have to agree the hood and the spoiler need to be painted. I personally would go spoiler-less and then get that hood painted. Don't get me wrong even unpainted that is probably my favorite hood for the GA's. I took the spoiler off my car and like it a whole lot better and I wont be putting one back on.
  3. Yeah this is going to be a hard one to make work. Porsche I can understand because their design is very easy to make into a sedan. The Lambo design just doesn't look right with four doors and stretched. Lets see what the cost is going to be.
  4. Well I pulled my MAF sensor and put my ported one back on and got some bite out of the exhaust. I am going to drive it tomorrow and see how it responds to the ported MAF sensor again. I had troubles with it for a while and that's why I went back to a stock one. We shall see. I will say though when this car gets opened up on the expressway this exhaust sounds pretty sweet!
  5. Yeah I did that before I knew any better and haven't changed it. I am almost positive I am going back to stock parts but I have re-buy all of them because mine were taken from storage a while back. If I still had them I would probably be back to stock already.
  6. Well I finally had my cat back made last week and figured I would post the video. It is super quiet and I'm not sure if I like it or not. It does rumble really nice and deep at idle though. When this video starts the car is actually running. I do have S&S headers with a high flow cat installed already and like I said it's quiet. The muffler is a 2.5" inlet/dual 2.5" out. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl8U3zQ7FJ0
  7. That's a grocery getter I would be happy to drive. "I'll drive, give me the key's."
  8. I haven't dynoed it but it does run really freaking well. I am in the process of starting to design and implement a plan for possibly turboing it. I will get some pics up of it as soon as I can. Yeah I came over as soon as I seen your post.
  9. I found this website by word of mouth from a guy on GrandamGt.com so I figured I would come over and check it. So I am a noob here but have been on Grand Am forums for a while now. I have a 02 GAGT with S&S headers, CAI, full 2.5" exhaust with a high flow cat, SLP muffler, ported UIM/LIM, 65mm TB and much, much,, more. Looking forward to checking out this site.
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