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  1. Lol, well I wont drive it w/o a sunroof, this one just kind of jumped out at me. Basically, I wanted a black g6, I found a black coupe gtp- real nice car, but they wanted to much for it, so i found another black sedan gt, but was farther away, i went into the dealership ( i was told they can find you a g6 and bring it to their lot for you) pretending to look @ a ford fushion until the salesmen swarmed me asking what i was looking for, but then I turned to the left and saw this g6 and absolutely loved it, I wanted my GA in burnt orange, but I was starting to have a lot of issues with the GA so
  2. Lol, its an 05 and yes the steering wheel is ugly. BUT, i love the color, it has heated leather seats, panoramic sunroof, the sound system is awesome, i dont need onstar but its in there, and the foot pedals even move forward so i can reach them lol
  3. I know right, lol, took about a day and some paperwork and thats what you get lol, I got so sick of that grand am! Time for the G6 I wanted for awhile.
  4. To this: Damn; that was a lot of work, and quite the change
  5. Omg, dont even get me started on remote starts, let alone a bulldog one. That return was the best thing i have ever did! Much happier with my system than that remote start!
  6. Because i couldnt think of the password at ALL! & it wouldnt send to my email so it was easier to just make a new one.
  7. Oh trust me they will be putting exactly what I had on that car, back. No cheap stuff, but we're putting the ram air hood on it now, and Chaos, headlights will be thrown in to! So least I will have a nicer looking front end after this.
  8. Yeah, me either. Im not liking not having my car, but now I get the ram air hood, and new headlights so, I guess thats a plus. And I better get a good loaner car. Lol.
  9. I know, I am extremely mad about this! & I was parked in a private lot, good thing to-no tickets that way, but a friend had a chevy blazer parked in front of my car, keep in mind this truck had a huge trailer hitch on it, and as i was going to turn my car off and get out, he decided to literally floor it in reverse and slam right into me. he didnt go slow or anything, he like slammed the gas and I had no time to move before the back of his truck slammed into my car called the cops and reported it so i cover my ass and my car, and he admited to the cop he didn't even look when he was backi
  10. So, Friday night my grand am was simply parked in a parking lot, and this is what happened to it...
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