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  1. Hello gang. I live in the Hudson Valley in New York. Does anyone have a good mechanic that can handle wiring? My 1963 Grand Prix has an aftermarket steering column that is not wired correctly. Looking for a PRO to take on the task. Have a great day and polish your Pontiac!
  2. Thank you. I just ordered the 18' x 24" set of drawings. Thanks for the lead! This is great stuff.
  3. Hello, I would like to beg borrow or purchase that set of wiring diagrams. message me a price and you have a deal. Also, I promise to share with other pontiac builders. Thank you.
  4. Question, I haven't really driven the car but my father questioned something right off. He thinks I may want to install an electronic fuel pump. The mechanical original type is in the car now. What do you think? It has two 1404 edelbrocks, 500cfm in it now.
  5. Here's my 1963 Grand Prix. We are a thing now. My wife doesn't understand and I cook for myself now. That is a fine ride you have there. I love the old Pontiac steel.
  6. Today I looked for the VIN on the block. I found the numbers matching VIN on the block. Engine code 06B. Thank you. I will take you up if I decide to tackle the job.
  7. Looking at engine code "06B" I see one-"two barrel" note and a "police" note.
  8. I got the 1963 Pontiac shop manual in the mail today. I found the vin on the block. I also found the engine code 06B states a 3 speed manual with a four barrel. The car has been modified with the Offenhauser intake, two-four barrels a four speed and electronic ignition. But the big win is that the 389 in the car is original from the factory.
  9. Ain't it fun taking a classic off the trailer in your driveway! I just did it with my new 1963 Grand Prix.
  10. Great information, Thanks. I believe I have a 25xxx mile car. I have the small original keys, a chrome set and a brass set. The ignition switch works properly and is not loose. I think I would leave the grill lights alone too. Someone installed a new steering column and fouled some wiring. When I hit the brake, the directionals come on. LOL She's a real beauty but I have some work to complete the car. I really appreciate the feedback. I am going to look it up and then purchase part 10102 painless wiring.
  11. Thank You. I am looking to track down any history on the car. I want to enter it in the car shows too. She has a 1963 or older 389 with after matket offenhauser intake and two Edelbrock 1404 carbs. I haven't looked for the vin on the block yet. Came with the factory four speed and console. I am not sure if the Hurst shifter is original but looks great. The original bucket seat interior is excellent as well. I am looking to have the car rewired to replace as much of the old wiring as possible.
  12. Thank you. I always wanted a muscle car. This one is going to be driven on nice days. I want to take it to car shows and participate in this type of activity. I would like to find local Pontiac enthusiasts if all the old fellas haven't died off. My Son is a mechanic and we are going to enjoy the heck out of this masterpiece ride. We raised a nice family and now the wife and I can have fun. The car runs really great. It shifts smoothly through the gears. The first objective would be to get the car re wired. DO you have any advice on finding someone that will not turn my cars wiring system into spaghetti. The steering column was replaced by the previous owner. I have a short to find. Probably the overhead interior light. Work in progress. I have a shred of hope that the 389 in it is original but modified with the two four barrels.
  13. I just purchased a dream car. It's a 1963 Grand Prix. She is black and has two four barrels and a four speed with a Hurst shifter. When I was a kid I had a 1971 442. I am 57 now and I raised a family and never had the funds to own one of these beautiful cars. Until now! I know the two fours are not original. I am looking for the VIN on the block. Haven't found it yet. She is a beauty. The VIN says it was built in Lansing New Jersey(L)
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