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  1. Yeah, I can tell it wants to start because I can hear a click and the lights flash but nothing happens.. I'll do some digging. Thank you for the info
  2. I work at an auto parts store so I will do a test on the battery and alternator and get back to you
  3. My onboard computer reads 14v but you never know. I'm going to check oil and coolant and replace my fob battery. I've heard that if your fluids aren't within a certain parameter, remote start won't work
  4. Yeah it's locked before I try. Every.. 5 starts or so the car won't start the first time but I give it another go and it starts right up
  5. Hello everyone hope you are all doing well, I have a feeling that my key fob battery is dead. But it never hurts to ask. It seems that my car wants to auto start with the key fob but the lights just flash and it doesn't start. Is there anything beyond a dead battery? Or do I have to actually chase some wires or settings down? Thanks in advance
  6. Hey guys, I just got my hands on a 2008 GXP! I already have a full magnaflow exhaust system on it and I'm about to put a holley sniper throttle body on it with a cold air intake! Can't wait to hear from you folks!
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