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  1. Thanks I'm having trouble learning how to navigate. I'm just hoping someone on here has done something that worked and can give me a answer
  2. Can someone direct me to a company that makes a front disc brake conversion for 1961 star chief? Or has someone done this and what year will work. Any kind of help would be great Thanks in advance
  3. Brad raynor


    Hey I just bought a 61 star chief with stick 389 what kind of oil do u use in yours?
  4. Thanks for the advice. I got them off and it looks like I might have one small spot on the rear. I'm having them taken to a shop to get turned today. I'm just hoping there still enough there to turn. I've got my fingers crossed. Bc I'm not sure what the specs are. So I'll see
  5. I'm trying to figure out if the 8 lug drums are ridiculous expensive I personally dont like them for what I'm wanting to do I know that's crazy but I'm tring to figure out how and what I would have to do to convert them over to a 5 lug pattern and keep drums so I could possibly put back if I sell the car one day. Also i cant find new 8 lug drums so just trying to get any help with this. Thanks in advance
  6. Also have you heard of those issues? Or is it just like any other drum set up? Just change the shoes and get the drums turned and I'm all good? The car is in great shape so im suspecting that the shoes are worn out. But there is definitely alot of vibration in the pedal Thank you in advance bc I cant find alot of stuff on this car.
  7. Thank you for responding. There are a few reason I was wanting to change them. One of the reasons is bc I cant figure out how replace the drums without spending alot of money. And I talked to a company that restore them and he said they have a tendency to separate with corrosion and I wont be able to true them up. And he charges 340 a rim to fix them. The guy I bought the car gave me new shoes bc the brakes are bad. But my concern is I wont be able to get the drums turned. I will be doing the brakes this week so I will know which one is the issue.
  8. Thanks looking forward to learning more about my car
  9. Hey there can anyone tell me how I can change my 8 lug drums can be moved to a five lug drum so I can run aftermarket rims ? I know most people like them I'm just not into them but want to keep them so I always have the original. Thanks in advance for the help
  10. Hi I'm brad really looking forward to great topics and advise
  11. Hi there very new to the pontiac seen. Just bought a 61 star chief and I love it. It's got the 8 lug rims and drums very rare from what I see. Well I dont like them and trying to find out if you can but regular drums with just the 5 lug pattern so I can run any aftermarket rims I want. If anyone can help i would greatly appreciate the help
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