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  1. GM called and I'm at the Spring Hill Plant. We have several construction projects going down here. I'll be in town every three weeks so hopefully I'll see you guys at least once. I like the Roadmonster name. It would be cool if you could get that made into a badge that matches the stock badges
  2. I wish I was in town this summer. I'm working in Tennessee now. My wife just picked up our GTO after getting a new set of Polyglas GT's put on it. She says the car handles great now.
  3. I know your pain after having to remove and reinstall our '72's dash. Hopefully everything is ok with your reinstall and it's a simple fix to get everything working.
  4. Here are the cars at the Widetrackers parking spot.
  5. Hey Frosty! Great photos. We'll be parking at the Widetrackers area Saturday but I'm not sure what time yet. Hopefully we can all meet up. What time do you think you guys will be there?
  6. Frosty, it was great meeting you Saturday. Hopefully our paths will cross this weekend
  7. I saw the email Widetrackers about Saturday's meet at the museum. We're bringing our goat. Hey Frosty, we'll look for you there
  8. I saw the email Widetrackers about Saturday's meet at the museum. We're bringing our goat.
  9. Saturday we took the goat on the back roads from home to Bay City, MI and back, made a few stops on the trip and finished up with a cruise on Woodward Ave.
  10. Yes, that's the place. They're perfectionists so your car will be in good hands.
  11. Here's a clip I made for a friend. He doesn't live around here and has been wanting to see the car. IMG_0092.MOV
  12. The total came in around $4,600.00. Eventually we'll have him fix the A.C. The heat and defrost work but nothing else does.
  13. Hey Frosty. I promised an update on our rebuild. MGM did a really good job on our Goat's engine. They did the post break-in tune up and oil change a few weeks ago. The engine runs and sounds great.
  14. Seeing Frosty's photos reminds me when I had to pull the dash on our '72. There were a lot of issues to address so removing it was the best option. I regret not changing the heater core when I had the opportunity.
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