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  1. Yes, that's the place. They're perfectionists so your car will be in good hands.
  2. Here's a clip I made for a friend. He doesn't live around here and has been wanting to see the car. IMG_0092.MOV
  3. The total came in around $4,600.00. Eventually we'll have him fix the A.C. The heat and defrost work but nothing else does.
  4. Hey Frosty. I promised an update on our rebuild. MGM did a really good job on our Goat's engine. They did the post break-in tune up and oil change a few weeks ago. The engine runs and sounds great.
  5. Seeing Frosty's photos reminds me when I had to pull the dash on our '72. There were a lot of issues to address so removing it was the best option. I regret not changing the heater core when I had the opportunity.
  6. Welcome. Nice Goat!
  7. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Jim recommended them so I'm confident we're going to be very happy with the results. We brought the car to Rich because it was running really rough. They got into the engine and found a lot of issues. A combination of shoddy repairs by previous mechanic(s) and the engine's overall condition didn't give us a choice but to rebuild it.
  8. MGM Service in Pontiac. Jim Larson gave me his contact info. They've worked on Jim's Grand Prix
  9. My wife and I bought each other a very nice Christmas present this year. The goat's engine is getting rebuilt.
  10. When I first got there I saw the floor slabs where the plants used to be and couldn't help but think of the stories that place could tell.
  11. I worked on several construction projects at the PMD site from 2014 to 2018. The site's history still fascinates me. The only production building left is Plant 14, it's a stamping plant now. The administration and engineering buildings are now home of GM's Global Propulsion Systems, which used to be called GM Powertrain and 3,000 of those employees were moved to the Warren Tech Center earlier this year.
  12. Cool cars and bourbon. Sounds like a great time
  13. I'm working in North Dakota. The high today is 39. The warmest it's been all week.
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