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  1. Hi Everyone I would like to submit our 1972 GTO for consideration This Goat is a numbers matching GTO with the 400ci engine and TH400 transmission. The car’s documentation includes the Protect-O-Plate, PHS documents, dealer order form and previous owner histories. Some of the car’s options are dual sport mirrors, AC, PS, PB and 15" Rallye II rims. The car is in excellent condition for being 47 years old. The documents we got when we bought indicate the 93,952 odometer mileage is actual, and the car does not appear to have been restored, but it has been well-maintained.
  2. We wish we were there with you guys. Have plenty of fun for us
  3. Thanks Frosty, The engine is all stock. It has a factory replacement starter, exhaust and manifolds. Luckily the car hasn't had any aftermarket performance or electrical modifications done to it. When I replaced the battery cables, last year the metal tube that protects the cable from the manifold was missing so I made sure to get one. It wouldn't start for my wife when the engine was cold once. Luckily she was home. The car has started perfectly for her every time since but she won't drive it. I've been doing some reading and I'm hoping it could be the Neutral Safety Switch. Another possible issue could be the key switch is wearing out. If it's the key switch, I'm hoping the replacement can be keyed to our current keys. The research continues. We'll be sure to make Widetracker meets in the future. Best Regards to Everyone!
  4. It's a definite bummer, but it's better than unemployment. We were looking forward to meeting everyone as well. Perhaps it's for the better. Since coming out of storage, the goat has been giving us some grief. It's developed an intermittent problem where the car will refuse to start without warning. It will start and run perfectly for awhile and then you'll turn the key and nothing. So far it will restart after a few tries but there is no indication it's going to act up. You're left hoping and praying the car will start. Last summer it got a new battery, battery cables and starter. I need to track that problem down and fix it before I take it out. Does anyone have any ideas where I should start? Happy cruising everyone!
  5. It looks like we won't be making the Dust-off or any other car events this summer. I now have a six month project out of state.
  6. My wife found the entry form on the Widetrackers' Facebook page. We're all signed up and the check is in the mail!
  7. HI Frosty They haven't put the form on the widetrackers website yet. I have Dan's info so I can contact him. Thank you for your help though! Best Regards John
  8. HI Everyone, I'm trying to download a form to sign up our car for the Dustoff but I'm having trouble with the Widetrackers website. Is there a Widetrackers member out there who may have a form they could forward to me? Thanks In Advance! John
  9. HI Everyone, I'm trying to download a form to sign up our car for the Dustoff but I'm having trouble with the Widetrackers website. Is there a Widetrackers member out there who may have a form they could forward to me? Thanks In Advance! John
  10. Welcome. That's s sharp Bonneville
  11. My wife and I really like the color combo. This silver is different because there is some green in it.
  12. Thank you everyone! The mural is at Eastern Market in downtown Detroit. I don't know the street name but its across from the Detroit City Distillery. If the weather is nice, we take the car out. We show up at several events around the area and we 're planning on making the Dust-off this year. We're always driving with the windows down so fixing the AC isn't high on the list. The next big ticket items are to get the engine and transmission rebuilt. They're both running fine but it will have to done eventually. When the time comes we're considering having the engine done to 1970 specs to put the power back in it. Drop us a line when you're out and about this summer!
  13. My wife and I have a 1972 GTO. It still has the original 400 and TH400. The color is Revere Silver and black. The car has had no performance mods or alterations done to it, just maintained. John
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