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  1. She's back together. Went for a cruise on Saturday. Ran great and really happy with the chrome. Thank you guys for the kind words and following along.
  2. Sorry for the inverted pictures the last time. After 13 weeks chrome is back and really nice. Everything is back together and brought it home today. handling new chrome is alittle nerve racking. That front bumper is in 6 different pieces.. ill take some good pictures in the near future. thank you steve
  3. Thank you for the compliments. I'm hoping next week sometime I will get the call to pick up the bumpers and misc trim pieces. Went to visit the car today so here are some new pics.
  4. emailed the chromer to check progress. Get a email back saying it is now 16+ weeks from drop off instead of the 10-12 when i took everything there. The reasoning for the extra time is that they got busy after i dropped my stuff off. So I get bumped for someone else. I drove to see the manager because i wanted him to explain to me with a straight face the extra time. Wasnt there when i arrived. So i left word that i stopped by. thought about the situation and made the trip back up a week later to pick everything up. Now everything has been stripped and copper dipped. So no picking up. They now say by the end of Feb. it should be complete. It will be amazing when complete.
  5. Getting closer. Trim on oneside is back on. Chrome is still about 4 weeks out.
  6. I was watching the mecum auction and there was more ,no sales then sold cars. Some really beautiful cars but the money wasn't flying around.
  7. This how she is today. Paint is 75% done. Chrome is scheduled to be done the last week of feb. I ended up not shipping the chrome out. Shipping one way was $500. I chose a place 40 min from my home , Librandi's chrome.
  8. Spectra chrome idea sorta died off. Knox custom chrome has very good reviews and i have called them twice and are very nice to talk with. hoping to be around $2700 for both bumpers and front hood trim plus the tail lights.
  9. I picked knox chrome from tennessee. I hope to get everything boxed and wrapped up by midweek and sent out.
  10. the 3600 is about 6weeks and the 3100 is pushing 12+ weeks. I have 4 more places im waiting to hear back from. i have a buddy looking into spectrachrome. He does powder coating . So i thought this could be a nice add on business. Told him if the process works and holds up i would buy half the machine and we start chroming america.
  11. Since the wagon is getting new paint over the winter, I want to get the front and rear bumpers rechromed. My front is perfect except about a quarter sized flake and the drivers rear has some wrinkling. No rust. So far i have gotten $3600 and $3100 quotes. This is a real eye opener.
  12. 56 safari

    My 56

    they flow into the backseat nicely. I like a big tire so they were a must. Keep looking at them, they will grow on you
  13. 56 safari

    My 56

    Frosty, I have only been here less than a week but I like to read a lot of the threads. So when you say you like the car that means a lot!! Thank you .
  14. 56 safari

    My 56

    I went to 4 shows this year and everyone has been park in the order you arrive. There has been one nomad at a couple I've been at and we have chatted it up with each other. Thank you for the complement .
  15. 56 safari

    My 56

    Thank you sprint 6. As I can not take full credit for the way it looks, the guy i bought it from had someone who did a unreal job with the supension and motor work. It was a california car untill the early 2000's when it underwent the prostreet transfermation. It still is the original paint which is really starting to come off. Alot of people kept telling me to keep the patina look, but thats not me. It left yesterday for paint. Hope to get it back early in the spring. Keeping it the original colors.
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