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  1. JUSTA6 yeah the bumpers are really solid. The rear bumper has some spots where the chrome is off and there’s some rust. Someday I’ll find a place that does high quality rechroming and get it redone. I found I can really make the shine come out even better if I use 0000 grade steel wool and some Bar Keepers Friend mixed with water into a paste to scrub them. Worked well for getting the yellow out of the turn signal lenses mounted in the front bumper. Frosty thank you for the insight on where I can look to find those pieces
  2. Anybody have any idea where I may find the impact strip for the front bumper of my 1978 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham as well as for the rear bumper and the impact strips for the front and rear bumper guards? I’ve included pictures to give somebody an idea. The front impact strip is broken right in the center and the impact strips on the bumper guards could stand to be replaced
  3. What ratio of gears did you use? I thought of seeing if a 2.72-1 ratio would fit the housing. That gear set was used in the Chevy pickups that had the Oldsmobile 350 Diesel engine. I had a 1978 Silverado that came from the factory with the 350 diesel but I installed a 1962 327 with two bolt main bearings that had a two barrel carburetor and it was really good on fuel coupled with that gear set and the turbo 400 transmission
  4. Frosty, I was tuning up my engine in my 1978 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham the other day and I noticed that I in fact do have a 4 barrel intake with a 2 barrel adapter with the EGR valve mounted to the adapter behind the carburetor. What would need to be done to mount a 4 barrel carburetor on this engine? It’s a Y code engine and it is factory original 2 barrel but I understand that the W code engine was a factory four barrel. Is it possible the intakes were different between the Y and W code engines even though the Y code has an adapter for the 2 barrel?
  5. I’m looking for the bumper filler panels that go under the headlights behind the front bumper and the ones that go underneath the tail lights on the rear. Also in need of the impact strip that goes on the front bumper as well as the impact strips that go on the front and rear bumper guards. Anybody have any or a source where I can find these items? I want to make this car look really great since these items are damaged and it will look much better with them on there as whole pieces instead of being broken
  6. Frosty I actually went with the simple things and took the seat switch out and sprayed it with WD-40 while working all of the switches and everything works fine now. I guess it just got corroded inside from very little use but WD-40 does work wonders and now everything is good. Thank you
  7. Frosty thank you for some insight. Luckily the seat power switch is at the base of the seat and easily accessible so I’ll have to try this out and see what I come up with. Hopefully it’s a really simple problem and I don’t have to replace any seat motors. The car only has a little over 80,000 miles and I believe the seat was rarely moved as my grandparents bought it used in 1981.
  8. My 1978 bonneville brougham has the power seat for the driver and the main switch moves up and down and the rear lift switch will move the back up and down but the front won’t move and I can’t get it to move forward or back. Can’t tell if the switch is bad or what. Everything clicks but I’m not too sure. Anybody have any insight on this?
  9. Is there a four barrel intake that Pontiac made for the 301 cubic inch V8? I’ve got a 1978 Pontiac Bonneville Brougham four door sedan and was wondering if there was a factory 4 barrel intake. I still have the 2 barrel intake but would like to get more power out of this little engine as much as possible
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