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  1. Tempest 673

  2. TempestnGTO

    My son's 63 Tempest and my 65 GTO
  3. First trophy today for the GTO

    Awesome GTO!
  4. POTM Nominations, April 2016

    Cleaned up, ready to cruise my 65 GTO.
  5. POTM Banter

    Myself. He is also a member, but my car is shown more in this picture.
  6. POTM Nominations, November 2015

    My 1965 GTO and my son's 1963 Tempest at a local car show a couple of weeks ago. https://foreverpontiac.com/gallery/image/505-/
  7. 1965 GTO racing a Skybolt aerobatic biplane at the North Little Rock Air & Car Show https://foreverpontiac.com/gallery/image/394-/
  8. NLR Air Show Razorbackfoto

    Razorback Photo.
  9. POTM Nominations, August 2015

    https://foreverpontiac.com/gallery/image/330-/ Okay, another GTO. This one turned 50 this year...
  10. Great write-up! I love stopping at that museum when we pass that way. Tim and Penny are extremely nice and the displays are always cool and changing.
  11. POTM Nominations May 2015

    I nominate TheTempest's 1963 Tempest. "Restified" slant 4, 4bbl,3-speed, Leather ProCar front and 2007 G6 rear seats. Beautiful.
  12. 2015 FP Calendar Entries

    My son's 63 Tempest with my 65 GTO in the background.
  13. Auto Cross anyone?

    Here's one of me having having fun the G8.
  14. Pontiac G8 GXP

    Pontiac G8 GXP
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