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  1. Up date got the airbox out. Had to remove all of the bolts holding the rear of the front fender on and almost remove the fender, then pry the inner fender well out, it is not as easy as they make it sound in the video I watched
  2. Has anyone else put vintage air in their 1965 GTO, I am having a lot of trouble getting the airbox out of the engine compartment. The instructions said that you might have to remove the inner fender well. I don't see anyway to get the inner fender well off without removing the fender itself. Have got all the bolts out but there's not enough room to get the heater fan out without removing the fender well, Just wondering if anyone had done this before and had any help Thanks
  3. Anyone else think the floor shifter in the early GTO is mickey mouse and toy looking. I decided to change mine, since no one makes a replacement for it I made My own, I just happened to Have a B&M Megashifter from a 1978 Camaro that a built back in the 90's, I made it fit, but had to cut up the console, If some one else wanted to do this I would suggest using the B&M universal Mega shifter, as it has the base plate and shifter handle that I used.archive (5).zip
  4. Congratulations, Very nice car
  5. Has anyone installed elec fuel injection on a 400 ci engine, what injection did you use and what were the results. I am kicking around the idea of changing from a 4 barrel to either tri power or ecec fuel injection. Like the looks of the tri power, but kind of like the idea of the fuel injection. thanks in advance
  6. does anyone know if you can change the rocker arm ratio from 1.5 to 1.6 on a basically stock 69 400 to increase the lift. I have done this on chevrolet motors in the past but am new to the pontiac motors and don't know how well this works. thanks in advance
  7. Is there anyone on here from Las Vegas Nv
  8. Do You happen to have or remember the part number for the shifter, I am having problems finding it, and is it cable or solid linkage. Thank You
  9. Thanks for letting me join your forum. I have mostly been a Chevrolet guy. But I just bought a 1965 GTO, I have always liked these Cars Now I own one. I am still learning a lot about them so I am looking for people who know these cars to answer My questions
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