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  1. Finally got back to working on the GTO. It seems that I may have a bigger problem. Put in the new module and wiring harness, Got the car started. but it does not want to run right, set the timing at 10 degrees. Noticed the timing is fluctuating all over the place. I know this can be caused by the timing chain being stretched. but it was running fine before. Do you think this could be the distributer. It is an after market billet distributor I don't know who made it, it was in the car when I bought it or another reason for the timing to fluctuate, thanks
  2. Thanks every one. I ordered new parts, be here tomorrow. Going out of town for the weekend. wouldn't be working on it again till next week
  3. Thanks that Video pretty basic, I know to check all of what he is showing. My problem is more complicated than that. I all ready have all new parts. But something is burning out the ignition modules, Need to find out what
  4. I have 1965 GTO, the motor is a 1969 400, it has an after market HEI Distributor. The car was running fine. Over the last few months I installed an vintage air system. some gages under the dash and a few other goodies, like aluminum pulleys. Got it ready to start the car started but wouldn't run, got to the point were it wouldn't even try to start, checked things out found had no spark. Ordered a new MSD cap, rotor, and ignition module. Put it in and again it tried to start put wouldn't stay running, then again I lost spark. Not wanting to wait for another MSD module I went to O Reilly's a
  5. I have been looking at the FITECH Tri power You can get them cheaper at jegs and summit. But according to Butler they need special offset studs to bolt to the stock Manifolds and I can't find any aftermarket manifolds for pontiac. Butler said theirs is going to cast about $ 5 grand. Another thing I was wondering about is I dont think It works like the progressive linkage on a regular tripower. If it doesn't then what is the advantage of it other then looks. that is a lot of money just for looks
  6. I think your right, I will check it some more when I get it all put back together. Still have a few things to do before I can run it. I will let you know what I find out.
  7. I think it is correct the way the factory intended, It's just that it doesn't make a lot of sense that it would use the whole radiator. I've been a pipefitter for 50 years and I know that liquid will choose the path of least resistance, that said with the inlet and outlet on the same side of the vesel it will go in and right back out unless there is a baffle or something to direct the flow to the other side of the radiator. It just seem odd, now if it was a cross flow it wouldn't make as much of a difference because the tubes would direct the flow, But this is not a cross flow radiator.
  8. Thank Frosty, that is what mine likes like(without the tri power). I am going to putt it back the way it was and see how it holds up to the heat. Thank everyone
  9. I priced them and I can get another one with the outlet on the left or a cross flow fairly cheap, But I don't really know if I have a problem until I run it next summer when it gets hot. Just wondering if anyone had noticed this before
  10. The Radiator was In the car when I bought it, It looks like the stock Radiator It is a three row. I have seen other cars in pictures and seen adds for radiators for this car with the inlet and outlet on the right side. but don't understand how it would cool very well unless there is a baffle or something to direct the flow to the left side of the radiator, thought maybe there might be someone out there that knew a lot about radiators that could answer My question. (KIWI Vegas Is hanging in there Still opening new casinos and other venues Like the Raiders Arena, It is tough especially when
  11. I am just finishing up putting the Vintage Air on My 65 GTO. Put aluminum Pulleys and Cleaning up the engine bay. Was noticing that My Radiator Inlet and Outlet are both on the right side of the Radiator, Being that it is not a cross flow but flows bottom to top, Am I going to have heating problems, What keeps the water from just going in the bottom and backout the top without going through the rest of the radiator. It gets hot in Vedas so I really don't want heating problems. Any Information would be appreciated, Thank You
  12. Up date got the airbox out. Had to remove all of the bolts holding the rear of the front fender on and almost remove the fender, then pry the inner fender well out, it is not as easy as they make it sound in the video I watched
  13. Has anyone else put vintage air in their 1965 GTO, I am having a lot of trouble getting the airbox out of the engine compartment. The instructions said that you might have to remove the inner fender well. I don't see anyway to get the inner fender well off without removing the fender itself. Have got all the bolts out but there's not enough room to get the heater fan out without removing the fender well, Just wondering if anyone had done this before and had any help Thanks
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