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  1. awingpilot

    Drivers side window won't roll down

    Got it figured out finally. The window switch was shorted.
  2. awingpilot

    Drivers side window won't roll down

    Just two wires that terminate in a connector for the motor.
  3. awingpilot

    Drivers side window won't roll down

    we checkrd the window switch first its sending voltage down to the motor. Changed the body control module(big mistake didn't know it needed to be re-programed) Shut down the whole car. We did check the motor out side of the car. we checked the relay for the windows it was good too.I don't know where to go from here.
  4. I need help with getting my drivers side window to roll down on my 2005 GTO. Has anybody else had this problem? Does anybody have any ideas? It rolls up but not down . changed the motor and checked it before we installed it and it went up and down just fine. put it in and it only went up. Any help would be great Thanks Jim
  5. awingpilot

    2014 FP Calendar (entries)

    Here is my 2005 G T O for consideration for the 2014 calender. Thank You
  6. awingpilot

    Jim Ticknor

  7. awingpilot

    Pontiac Grand Am

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