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  1. There is one port on the manifold that is open, I'm going to seal it with solder since it's not being used (it was where the original vacuum choke was hooked up but the tube broke off and I can't get it out, the new Edlebrock has an electric choke so it's not needed anymore). I've been thinking about the timing issue that you mentioned, that's been creeping up in my thoughts as of late.... I have a mechanic buddy that is going to come over after he returns from out of state, if I can't get it running after that then I'll pull the timing cover and see what that situation looks like.
  2. I'm back... I replaced the points today and have them adjusted to 19 thousandths. I was able to get the timing set to 6 degrees BTDC which is from what I can find, where it should be. I'm getting much more popping thru the carb (even had it shoot a little fire out of the carb) but it isn't even trying to fire. I don't know what else to do at this point, I've had older vehicles all my life and have never been able to get them to run, heck, I even got a 1925 Dodge Brothers sedan that sat for over 30 years to run! This car has me absolutely stumped.
  3. I drained the fuel out of the fuel tank today and added known fresh gas, installed an Edlebrock carb and reverified the distributor wires are correct by getting the #1 cylinder to TDC and verifying that the rotor was pointing at the #1 distributor port. When we tried to start it I could only get the popping back thru the carb but it wouldn't even try to fire. I can't find any marks on the crank pulley to see if the timing is correct, I'm going to try to clean the pulley really well tomorrow in the daylight. I'm wondering if the timing is advanced or retarded too much? I know that backfiring t
  4. I checked behind the light but it's not there. I drained the fuel tank and will pull it down to see if it's around there
  5. Can anyone tell me where the fuel filter is located on a '57 Super Chief?
  6. Update: I moved the distributor wires one port counterclockwise to match the diagram that showed the #1 port in the very back, I'm now getting puffs back thru the carb, no firing yet, but this is at least some signs of life!
  7. Can either of you tell me which one of these diagrams shows the correct #1 distributor location?
  8. I didn't get an opportunity to check for spark after I rewired the distributor since I was by myself, but I know I need to do I can at least check that box off. The fuel pump was replaced and it is moving fuel so I know that part is working. I can't even get it to try to fire, I tried finding a diagram or picture to confirm exactly which port corresponds to the #1 cylinder to make sure I do have things in the right order but i wasn't able to find anything clearly defining, like the #1 plug is "x" ports clockwise away from the rear cap screw or something similar. In regards to the two a
  9. Well I definitely had the wires wrong, i installed them correctly but still no firing. I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't perhaps mess something up when I "rebuilt" the carburetor yesterday. When I took the #1 spark plug out to check for TDC it wasn't wet with fuel and it should have been since I had been cranking it for several attempts beforehand. I have a line on a used Edlebrock 750CFM carb that I'm going to pick up tonight. I know it's way more fuel delivery than the engine needs, but at this point I just need to get it running.
  10. Thank you! With what you both said, the diagram I used as a reference was definitely incorrect. I'll go out and plug the wires into the correct distributor location and give it another try and advise of my success (or failure) lol
  11. Hello all, I need some help please, my '57 Super Chief is giving me some trouble. It's got a 347 with a 4 barrel Carter AFB carburetor. It hasn't ran for several years, I was able to get to fire if I poured gas directly into the carb so I tought I'd do a full tune up on it, rebuild the carb and be able to fire it right up.... but now i can't even get it to fire. I changed the plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, coil and rebuilt the carb. I also changed the fuel pump. The original pump had the vacuum top part for the treadle brakes but the new one didn't. Since I'm planning o
  12. Thank you all for your help, I hope that once I get to know this car a bit more I'll be able to contribute more for others! I'm pretty confident I'll be able to piece a power steering system together, I was being hopeful that maybe, just maybe another GM system may work on it. I've got a local place that can do the hoses so that part will be easy.
  13. Thank you for the tip! I found a company that will do a four wheel disk brake conversion with a late 60's-70's style booster/master cylinder. It comes at a price though, nearly $1800. But for the added stopping power and the "modernized" system I think the price is worth it. I would like to add power steering to the car as well, so I'm going to look into what steering boxes/pumps/pulleys/belts may work.
  14. Honestly I'm not sure if it's been lowered or not, otherwise it's 100% stock, well minus the wheels and tires.
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